GCHD: Resident Evil 5 Hands-On Comparison with Resident Evil 4

GCHD Writes: "Like a zombie plague, Resident Evil 5 is set to break out across the land in less than a month. In anticipation of the impending release, we sat down with the latest preview build to record our impressions. To provide the best possible context for what you'll see in the retail version, we decided to compare the game with its predecessor, the critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4. In the four years since the arrival of that game much about the Resident Evil formula has evolved, but still more things have remained the same."

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farhsa20083532d ago

man i am so buying this game, sad to see the merchant wont be returning

The_Devil_Hunter3532d ago

So true, so who are you buying weapons from now? OR what are you buying it from?

Heldrasil3532d ago


I heard it's "mission based now", after each level you have a chance to spend your cash.