Sega's 2009 survival strategy: Publish mature-rated Wii titles and exploit Sonic brand

Sega hasn't had the easiest time lately. Its parent company, Sega Sammy Holdings, is laying off 560 people - 18 percent of its work force - and is closing 110 arcades in Japan. But the company says it has a strategy to distinguish itself as a smaller publisher among the industry's giants.

One of the main pillars of this plan is Mad World, a comic-style black-and-white game with lots of red blood. Rated M for mature (17 and up), the title is slated to debut for the Nintendo Wii next month. And it certainly has a unique look and feel. The only time you see color during game play is when you're cutting a bad guy in half with a chainsaw or crushing someone under an iron plate. This seems like an odd mismatch for the child-oriented Wii and already has some anti-violence groups upset.

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