CSM: House of the Dead: Overkill Review


"The real problem with Overkill? It's never frightening. While it's often thrilling, you never experience fear. There are attempts to shock with cut scenes featuring incest, urination, and tons of swear words. If these somehow fit well with the story, they'd be more forgivable. Yet it's undeniable that Overkill is engaging for mature players, especially when you go back to play the game in Director's Cut mode and try to beat your highscores. Yet it's gore is like cotton candy -- ephemeral and unmemorable."

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PS360WII3531d ago

Hmm I never got scared in HotD 1-3 I don't know why they'd do it for the newest one either.... Overkill is an awesomely fun game and a must own imo :)

Xander-RKoS3531d ago

Was House of the Dead ever suppose to scare you? I thought it was just arcade light gun action.

PS360WII3531d ago

No I don't think they were. They are suppose to be killing the undead light gun style ^^

Product3531d ago

this game is just supposed to be over the top ,which it is,its a great lightgun game and i think its the best on the system so far.Scary...this guy hasnt played any other HotD before this i guess.

Voiceofreason3531d ago

Poor review.. Person has obviously never played a light gun game or at elast one in this series. It was never intended to be scary because what would be scary about shooting zombies in an arcade setting? Nothing, and they knew that years ago.

It is amusing to see a place called commonsense not using any in their reviews.

Product3531d ago

So true

"There are attempts to shock with cut scenes featuring incest, urination, and tons of swear words."
Thats why its called Overkill.If its like a B movie then none of it needs to make sense lol.

BTW the ending to this was prolly copied by Dead Alive(Braindead) if any of you know that movie but who cares the ending is sick.