Xbox 360's Audio and Music Side: Hands-on Impressions

W. Brent Latta is a professional game composer and sound designer; here he brings us his pro opinion of how Microsoft's next-gen game box shapes up. Hey, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it, right? And as Tomonuba Itagaki, the creator of Ninja Gaiden, says, "Xbox 360 is the best. So we should wait with a great anticipation." -PK

Much has already been written about Microsoft's new console, the Xbox 360. We have a bevy of game reviews, accessories to buy, Live Arcade titles to play, and even future releases over which we drool. But not much has been written about the audio performance and capabilities of this first-of-the-next-generation contraptions. In this short review, W. Brent Latta will give you a quick breakdown of the how the system has been working for him.

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ACE6459d ago

very nice ,,, the problem is i'm busy playing games on the 360 ,, but yeah i know its good at music etc....

and neon is amazing its like a living light show

Marriot VP6459d ago

I was very happy with the 360's pre downloaded songs when I got this a year ago. Nothing like your favorite songs through home audio.

96impala6458d ago

The ability to put your own music on the xbox 360 was my whole reason for even wanting a 360. Im a music fanatic and just thought it was great to be able to do this and play them in every game if i chose to. I have over 400 songs or so on my harddrive with 11gb left.
The sound is incredible and to have it playing while im playing my games is the greatest thing. Its the reason i went from panting after the ps3 to really being more interested in the xbox 360. I love it.

jinn5774d ago

PS3 and Wii cannot compete


Bully: Scholarship Edition - Desperately in Need of a Sequel

Bully: Scholarship Edition was an Xbox 360 & Wii re-release of the PS2 classic. Still playable on modern consoles, it'll make you long for a sequel.

TheBrainZ4h ago

A sequel? More likely a remake as is the current trend? No point, everyone wants GTA VI.

kevco334h ago

It's a shame that basically all of Rockstar's catalogue apart from GTA and Red Dead is now, well, dead.

Redgrave2h ago

The R☆ of today is extremely unlikely to put out any project that isn't GTA because of the gaming climate and because GTA is stupidly self sustaining.

Gone are the days of a mainline title and a portable tie-in/standalone title of the same name just like publishers putting out multiple fighters at once.

Costs are too high and mainline titles have become too gargantuan to allow for "risks" on lesser titles that may not take off or sell.

Take Capcom for example, and SF6. We are unlikely to ever see a new installment of their other fighters like Rival School or Darkstalkers because SF6 is more popular, recognized and costly. A new Darkstalkers in the RE Engine would look sick as f*ck, and would visually be unlike any other fighter if done right. Sadly though, it's not as recognizable as SF and Capcom is unlikely to put so much on the line for something that might not catch.

Rebel_Scum1h ago

If there’s to be a sequel it should be at the college/university level. Otherwise its just going to be a rehash of the same progression and story.


Frontlines: Fuels of War - Inventive FPS Still Worth Playing Today

Frontlines: Fuels of War was the precursor to THQ's ill-fated Homefront series, and by most accounts delivered the better experience.


Fallout: New Vegas Is A Mojave Marvel

James at HPP writes: "Swapping out a nuclear Washington DC for a rechristened Las Vegas known as New Vegas, this Obsidian Entertainment-developed sequel propels the hallmarks of Fallout 3 to greater heights, thus becoming the ultimate progenitor."

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