World of Warcraft: Now Even Easier


"You can attribute Blizzard Entertainment's astounding success with World of Warcraft to many different things. So what does it take to create what is arguably the most successful videogame of all time? What arcane elements did the alchemists at Blizzard Laboratories mix together to breed this magical goose that lays golden subscriptions every month? Let's run through some of the biggest factors."

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Mutley4163556d ago

Yes it`s easy in the beginning...but you`re gonna need help along the way, you have to reach out for help, and the way people go out of there way to recruit and help you...I guess what I`m saying is that the community is one of the best I`ve ever played with-

Screaming kids over the MIC=0
Douche bags talkin trash=0

It`s mostly, Solid players helpin each other out, in a large and harsh world-

That`s what I`ve seen alot of and that`s why I think it`s so popular-

+it starts simple but midway through your navigating throught the very complex economy and super Tuff bosses-

Tarmgar3556d ago

Listen to me right now, leave that game! I lost 2 years to WoW (pre BC). My grades suffered; I stayed indoors too much! Get away from it and stop siding with Blizzard. That game will steal your soul!!

DirtyLary3556d ago (Edited 3556d ago )

It's just a grind of non-challenging instances.

WOW was the best back in classic, during the Tarran Mill days.

Actually sold my account for a good chunk of chain.

Good riddance. It's Socom and SF4 for me now.

The Lazy One3556d ago

i contend that this writer is an idiot. sure the first 5 minutes you get a lot done quickly, but the next 30+ days are a grind fest. It cycles from fetch quest to get you in a new zone, then grind quests where you kill X number of Y creature (usually 5-10 of these), before finally the instance quest (which isn't bad until you realize you have to do it 10 times to get the loot you want from it), then repeat.

That is, until end game, where it's all instances, and instead of running them 10 times, you get to run them hundreds of times.

Darkfocus3556d ago

the writers not an idiot the stuff you mentioned isn't hard it requires no skill just a lot of time.
I don't get why people think WoW's so addictive I played about a 2 and a half years ago for 1 1/2 months got to level 60 with a warrior then started a file with a warlock got to level 16 and never played it again cause it got boring.