Top 5 PS3 Games You May Have Missed writes:

Killzone 2 is coming out next week, so we are pretty sure you PlayStation 3 owners will be quite busy. But if you are looking for that gem of a game, that you may have missed, we are going to list the Top 5 PS3 games that didn't get the attention they deserved. Whether it be because you didn't own a PS3 yet, or because you just didn't pick up the title, doesn't mean you should miss out on these games. Here is our top 5…

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Darkseider3557d ago

Out of all of them I am guilty of missing Valkyria Chronicles. The others are owned and played through and replayed quite a few times. Heavenly Sword in particular being one of my favorites.

Sev3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

So I assume you would agree with the list?

If you like RPG's at all, I highly recommend Valkyria Chronicles, I consider it the best PS3 game next to MGS4.

Even though Killzone 2 might take that spot.

Darkseider3557d ago

Yup the list is pretty much spot on. It's amazing how many folks ignored a lot of the big 1st party stuff in lieu of 3rd party hype. R&C, Motorstorm:PR and Heavenly Sword in particular. Valkyria Chronicles missed the success boat because there was little known about it and strictly word of mouth advertising. GT5:P sold well but not as well as it should have as many review sites, while giving it good scores, said it was only a taste of the full game and isn't complete which drove off a lot of potential customers IMO. In any case these games can now be had for a bargain and if you missed any I suggest grabbing them if you have the funds to do so, you won't be disappointed.

Bob Dole3557d ago

Didn't GT5P have over a million Pre-orders in Europe?

rhood0223557d ago

It did have over a million pre-orders and went on to sell over twice as much.

Chris3993557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I'm working through VC now, and it is a real gem. Took a bit to grow on me, as I'm used to more "fantasy" themed SRPGs and JRPGs, but it really has a beautiful feel to it and the combat is quite clever.

Oh, and Heavenly Sword is - in my opinion - the most under-appreciated game this gen. It really brings to light Jaffe's recent criticism that most titles lack a compelling story. Heavenly Sword was brilliantly told and realized and makes other titles I've played feel like B movie action/ horror/ whatever flicks in comparison.

I'm the type of gamer that once I've played through something, it is moved to the "finished" side of the shelf, where it will stay for the rest of it's God given years. I'm not big on DLC or expansions or bonus features unlocked for a second playthrough; I like to finish a title, take a moment to reflect, and then move on.

Over the past year, I've played Heavenly Sword, off and on, for about 6 full play-throughs. I haven't been that captivated by a game, ever. (Except for anything Wild Arms, which is like crack to me.)

Sorry for the ramble :) Anyway, great list Sev.

@Below. You can usually find HS for about $35-40 used at any non-gamestop (EB Games here in Canada) location. Happy hunting! Oh, and the game is really closer to 8-9 hours. Heck, you could even rent it. You really should play the game, it is a masterpiece and will change the way you view games (in my experience). The last boss fight is pure EPIC as well.

Nineball21123557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

And I have to hang my head and admit that I don't have any of those games... but I intend to pick most, if not all, of them at some point.

My problem is lack of time to play the games. I have thought about getting Heavenly Sword more than once, but I've read that it is a pretty short game. I have a hard time spending $60.00 on a 5 - 6 hour game. I've kind of been waiting for that one to drop in price.

I've heard nothing but great things about everyone of those games though. So, I have some good gaming to look forward to!

Edit: @ Chris399 above... Thx for the info. I'll be looking out for HS then. Bubbles to you.

Sev3557d ago

@ rhood,

Very good point... bubbles +

Jdoki3557d ago


I'm with you on this one... Play a game, finish a game, stick it on the 'done' pile, breath a sigh of satisfaction for a job well done and move on!!

There are a few exceptions. The Achievements in Crackdown kept me playing a long time after I finished the main story. And during the quiet months I like to revisit games if there's nothing new and fresh to play (just finished another play through of God of War 2!)

I'm not big on DLC in story driven games, as it often feels like it's just tagged on to make money (like the Mass Effect DLC)

GWAVE3557d ago

I totally agree with Heavenly Sword. That game was fantastic. I played it when I bought my PS3 in Dec 2007 and I had to pop out the disk, check the label, and make sure I was actually playing the game called "Heavenly Sword"...because based on all the hate and overall "meh" reviews it received, I thought it wouldn't be that great. To this day, no game has matched the quality of that game's facial animations. Period. Play the game if you don't believe me.

I'd also throw Uncharted on that list. Most people overlooked it, but it's definitely one of the best games this gen, IMO.

Anon19743557d ago

Right now I've got a stack of games for my PS3 and simply not enough time to play. I haven't even touched Prince of Persia/Resistance 2 or Dead space which I received for Christmas. Fallout 3 is taking up all of my gaming time. I've got KZ2 ordered and ready to go, but also haven't even scratched the surface of Condemned 2 or GTA4. Problem is last year it was still either Warhawk of COD4 eating up all my spare time. Then LBP got it's hooks into me. I finally took a break to play Gears 2 and Fable 2 but after a couple of weeks those where done and then it was right back at LBP.

I'm not that big into racing games - but I still mean to check out Heavenly Sword...just as soon as I finish those other 6 games....and Killzone 2...and between bouts of COD4/COD-WAW/Warhawk...

I'll get to it eventually.

callahan093557d ago

I'd put Folklore at the top of my list, personally. I'd probably leave off both Motorstorm Pacific Rift & GT5 Prologue and add on Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds and Folklore.

andron3557d ago

Heavenly Sword and Valkyria Chronicles are great games.

HS was a bit short, but it has replay value and it's a quality ride. Only thing I didn't like in that game was that annoying Flying Fox boss battles.

VC is great, and I usually don't like RPG's or strategy games. But the anime look and hands on battles really swayed me...

GrandTheftZamboni3557d ago

If "Top" (as in "Top 5 PS3 Games") refers to quality then Folklore maybe. If "Top" refers to quality/sales then it definitely is Folklore.

Giriath3557d ago

I have all of them except Heavenly Sword, I even have Folklore.

nix3557d ago

a game so beautiful to look at and a good story. i never give that game to anyone to play because i never know when i might want to play it.. lol.

SaiyanFury3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I guess I was one of the few that bought Valkyria Chronicles on day one. Fantastic game for fans of older school RPGs. I also have all of the others save, Motorstorm 2. I'm a HUGE fan of the Ratchet & Clank games.

thats_just_prime3557d ago

GT5P and MS2 were trash the rest were fairly good

barom3556d ago

I really want Valkyria Chronicles but I don't have the time. Thats kinda why I steer away from RPGs (that and the fact that they're kinda slow). I still might check it out though, it looks really good and people say they get emotional attachments to the characters (both anger and love they say) which to me sounds really cool. Crap just talking about it makes me wanna go buy it. Alright I'mma head to Circuit City..... tomorrow.

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Cajun Chicken3557d ago

Glad you mentioned R&C:ToD...That game rocks, can't wait for the sequel (hopefully this year), I'm hoping its more like R&C2:GC, hope we get the return of spherical planets and I've never had such cruel cliffhangers in R&C:ToD and Q4B in any other platform game, well, except for Haven: Call of the King.

LarVanian3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

God of War 2 had the most cruel cliff-hanger ever imo.

StalkingSilence3557d ago

I didn't play the Download-only R&C Quest for Booty, but I'm curious if it tied up any loose ends for you? Or was it totally a separate plot-line?

lordgodalming3557d ago

Q4B feels surprisingly different than ToD, mostly because you don't ever have Clank with you. If you go into the game with the idea that it will have terrific platforming and an R&C sensibility, you'll really enjoy it. If you go in with the idea that it's a proper R&C game, only shorter, you'll be disappointed. Also, Insomniac are definitely waiting for a true sequel to tie up the story from ToD. Enjoy.

StalkingSilence3557d ago

Hey! Thanks for the clarification. I still need to play R&C ToD, but I was just curious for future reference.
Take it easy!

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DelbertGrady3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

All of the games you mentioned except for Valkyria Chronicles are 1st party exclusives. I don't think anybody with a PS3 would be able to have missed those titles.

Would have liked to see games like Folklore, Everybody's Golf, Disgaea 3, Formula One Championship Edition, Siren: Blood Curse and Ninja Gaiden Sigma being mentioned.

Sev3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Kick ass user name and avatar Mr. Popinsky. Bubbles + for that.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma I actually considered for the list.
Funny, as all of the games you mention other than Ninja Gaiden Sigma and Disgaea 3, are also SCEA 1st party titles. Yet people surely missed those.

There are now 20 million PS3 owners out there, and I don't think any of those games even broke the 5 mil mark. That means 75% of PS3 owners missed them.

Darkseider3557d ago

Now see the games that Popinsky listed are the ones I have played and are in my PS3 library, well except for Formula One:Championship Edition. Siren is an awesome game as are Disagea 3, Ninja Gaiden:Sigma and Everybody's Golf. Folklore on the other hand is an excellent RPG and for whatever reason ignored by the PS3 community. Whether it was due to bad review scores or lack of advertising Folklore seemed to have suffered from the same fate as Valkyria Chronicles.

Sev3557d ago

I should have mentioned that those are great games Soda listed, just not the top 5.

Bob Dole3557d ago

Bob Dole didn't like the controls for Siren, but he did like the way people dropped when you shot em'.

kingme713557d ago

>There are now 20 million PS3 owners out there, and I don't think any of those games even broke the 5 mil mark. That means 75% of PS3 owners missed them.

Don't forget rentals, used market and "borrowing from a friend" all account for people playing it without counting towards a purchase. Not alot of games break the 5 mil mark.

DelbertGrady3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Lol that's true =) So many 1st party exclusives. Anyways, great games most of them. Formula One isn't the best racer ever made, but it's worth checking out for the graphics alone.

+Bubbles back

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Gun_Senshi3557d ago

#5 Heavenly Sword.
I have this game, bought it on launch. I passed it with all the combos and "ranks" you can get even on hell mode. Sometimes I play it due to its beautiful music and story.

#4) Gran Turismo 5: Prologue.
I have this game, I bought it on lauch too. I did not play it much due to I suck at playing it :(. I still play it to show my friends the graphics

#3) Motorstorm: Pacific Rift.
I got this game last week. Its what Motorstorm 1 should had been. Though, AI in this game is hard and arsehole. They try to crash you everytime. Thropies are freaking hard to get XD

#2) Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.
I got this too. At 1st I thought its a kiddy game, but I bought R&C on PSP for only 10EUR. I ended a fan of R&C. I bought Tools of Destruction a week after my 1st R&C expierence. I love this game. I passed it like 3 times already :D. Graphics are amazing, its fun and enjoyable!!

#1) Valkyria Chronicles.
One of my favourate games. The Story is just amazing. The unique art direction, gameplay. I love EVERYTHING in this game. I can never get enough of it. I play skirmish alot. But I got only one problem. I AM FREAKIN STUCK IN CHP 13!!! HOW AM I TO PASS MY TROOPS THRU A MIDDLE OF ATILERRAY ZONE! :(

I am a real gamer :D

Cajun Chicken3557d ago

If you haven't yet...thou need to play the past R&C titles for PS2. Gives signs of things that could be put back into future Ratchet titles.

Sev3557d ago

You can beat Chapter 13 in only 3 turns.

ONLY put a scout and a sniper on the left side during deployment. Use them to make sure that they can't steal your base.

Then with the other side use Largo, Rosie, Alicia, and whomever else you please. Preferable, a sniper, and another scout.

You need to hug the right side as much as possible to get behind the first cannon/gatling bunker. Use a scout with the Randgrizer to bomb the fuel cell behind the bunker. One hit blows it up.

Then from there, it's rather easy to finish, just watch out for an ambush at one of the upper most bases. There will be a few stormtroppers waiting there that dont show up on the map.

Dark_Overlord3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Don't matter someone beat me to it

Gun_Senshi3557d ago

ok ty i wil try later today. I always went left or middle.

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_Q_3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

To see Valkyria Chronicles getting some love. That game is truly epic and deserves every bit of praise it receives.

table3557d ago

i thought the game was terrible. i know alot of people who played it liked it but i downloaded the demo and it was like i was playing a crap worms 3D. those sort of games have never appealed to me. I remember when i was young my friend recommended FFVII to me and i hated it so returned it to the shop. jst not my sort of games.

_Q_3557d ago

People have their clocks turned by different things ,it happens. I've never played any other games that even remotely seemed similar,So you can gather that VC is a unique experience in my respect. BTW the demo itself does the game no justice. Again not everyone will like it but the ppl who do, love it as I do. As far as FF goes again, to each his own. FF7 had so many intricacies and advancements at its time that it was truly something to behold but again not for everyone.