Lens of Truth: Mad Catz Street Fighter IV FightPad Review

Lens of Truth writes, "Mad Catz has jumped aboard the "licensed" merchandise bandwagon with the Street Fighter IV FightPad's for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It seems that they are selling like hotcakes and took a bit of hunting to find one. So, what do I think of my latest purchase?"

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Yi-Long3531d ago

... I quite like the design, and they're sure to be collector's items that will be worth a lot of money in years to come...


BUT... it seems this is just suited for SF2/4 (and maybe King of Fighters, but not anything else. I'm sure SF fans will feel it's worth the purchase, but I'm not sure I personally will find it worth the cash, just for these games.

(On the other hand, when kept sealed, it will most likely make it's money back in a few years)

What I really don't understand, is why Microsoft DID release a great 360 controller WITH great D-pad, but only made it a very limited edition (the green one, for PES and SF2). Why not just make that new and improved controller the standard controller!?

And why doesnt Microsoft just release a pad like this one, with a good-quality D-pad, AND 6 face-buttons!?

How many SF4 designs are there, btw? I've seen 3 different ones (Ryu, Ken and Chun Li)

jaidek3531d ago

I have tried this controller with Soul Caliber IV as well. Works nicely! It's not that the d-pad on the 360 is unusable, I just find it a bit cramped. If MS would release an Xbox 360 controller with the left analog and d-pad swapped, that would rock.

As for the artwork, they have Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Blanka and Akuma.

evildeli3531d ago

I thought there would be an actual stick for the joystick instead of the d-pad look.

RudeSole Devil3531d ago

I rather play with a paddle, controllers are for losers.

jaidek3531d ago

well, I for one do not want to spend $100+ on a single controller.