Two New Heavenly Sword Screens

And the floodgates open! Two new screens. One with a huge cannon like gun and the other showing some landscape. Sorry about the quality.

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D R Fz4243d ago

This game is beyond words... PS3 is definitely one console that will not disappoint this year. I leave in awe, too awe-stricken to further comment on what might be the best game of the year.

techie4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

I have to say that although these screens are small they do show some interesting stuff.

Also this game is going to have an amazing storyline. The Ninja theory guys really have a strong sense of how to make a good game with story reaching into the gameplay. They also had Andy-Serkis where they would spend hours a day working out character development and characteristics. All with motion-capture.

The hand-drawn animation has been in development for many years to make it a smooth and believable experience. I really think these guys have done their research on what make s a good game...their last game had a huge knowledge of films etc and was a sleeper title that was very well recieved with critics. I mean they're from Cambridge! Clever

Oh and I forgot...I posted this a while ago if you're interested.

Concepts and Beta are some videos of Heavenly Sword in development from about 4years ago. Them just doing beta testing and starting their animation...

Plus the first concept video from red hair in site. Looks so much better now.

DiLeCtioN4243d ago

ive seen two gr8 games, motorstorm and heavenly sword and they are from europe, but i just cant wait for other regions to bring out some gr8 killers

wildcat4243d ago

I've never seen those before and it makes the game look even more interesting. I'm glad that they've improved so much because it just shows how big this game is going to be.

n4g sucks4243d ago

were did these come from? i see this game wining some more awards this week

ALIEN4243d ago

I'm getting my ps3 next week and i already own a xbox360. 07 is going to be great!

I'm waiting for

Heavenly sword
Killzone 2
HALO 3 (360)
and don't forget about GTA 4, i'm getting it on ps3.

and more!

n4g sucks4243d ago

i feel the exact same way, except i needed virtua fighter 5

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The story is too old to be commented.