Why a fraction of the internet 'hates' the Killzone 2 demo

Killzone 2 is easily the most anticipated title of Q109. It doesn't matter if you hate the concept, or love the idea of Halo Wars - Guerrilla's latest in the Killzone series is hands down the first big hitter of the year. It also doesn't matter that so many, including myself, were sceptical as to how a sequel to a sub-standard 5/10 shooter could possibly live up to the hype. Killzone 2 is a different beast altogether, and personally, the demo only took my hype to a new level altogether, with its beautiful graphics, unoriginal-yet-familiar gameplay, and great enemy AI. So why does the internet, or at least some of it, hate the demo? My answer is simple: it doesn't.

Okay, perhaps 'hate' is a strong word.

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MasFlowKiller3532d ago

My guess is because its a ps3 game, you would be stupid to deny that site like gametrailers, kotaku, edge respect every console, the demoe was good, it sever its purpose if you wanted to get killzone before the demo chances are that you will still get it but if you weren't planing to get it chances are you wont.

will113531d ago

its sucks because the controller lag... Press Agree

UnwanteDreamz3531d ago

Like I said when I reported this earlier today.....this is LAME!!!!

They mention the demo one time in this whole article then go on to talk about scores and reviews for the full game. Title should read why a fraction of the internet hates KZ2 cause this article has sh!t to do with the demo.

gamesmaster3531d ago

theres no lag, its your brain. press agree

y0haN3531d ago

I liked it, I've pre-ordered it. There is no controller lag.

XxZxX3531d ago

guess those ppl can't sleep at night.

Amnesiac3531d ago

You would have to be pretty terrible at FPS games to think that the Killzone 2 controls are "laggy".

Defiantmac3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Keep it up guys with your brilliant "Your brain lags" comments and such, cause like it or not some people are having problems with input lag on the demo.

I have been having the problem, reinstalled it and played it, it's still there. The menu lags, my actions are delayed, they aren't weighted. Hopefully the final game isn't like this for me. (No it's not my TV, every other game works 100% fine on it.)

Omegasyde3531d ago

LoL @ controller lag.

Wow, some people have to find something wrong with certain games on a certain console.

Heavenly Sword: ...oh it too short
Uncharted: copies off Tomb raider, screen tears when 10 grenades go off
Warhawk: "Cartoony" graphics, no single player
Motorstorm 1 & 2: Doesn't do anything new..., Pure is better....
MGS4: game sucks, the cutscenes are too long.
Little Big Planet: Can't make a level with flying Pen**es, too kiddy.
Socom: Games glitches, no one is playing it (#1 N.American Online game ATM)

Folklore: No Co-op. Can't summon Bahumut, fail.

Defiantmac3531d ago

How can people REALLY disagree with me having input lag... REALLY?

I mean you are honestly hitting disagree on the FACT that I am having input lag.

I thought PS3 fans were all against the whole "This is on my system so its gonna be the best." Apparently not, you guys are just like the 360 fans you claim to hate. I am a PS3 owner (I have 2 in my house) and love the system. Yet because I have input lag in my game (Notice how its being reported all over the internet, or is that just EVERYONE who has the problem making it up?) Maybe if you guys took off your Sony/Killzone 2 glasses you could see that some people are having problems with the demo.

I'm not trying to find excuses, I've been telling people I think KZ2 is gonna be the best FPS this generation. I encounter input lag and suddenly "Im retarded" "My brain lags" "I suck" blah blah blah. I know the difference, and I have never been bad at any FPS I have played shooters for a LONG time, dont give me this bull sh!t that I can't tell when I am getting input lag.

And for those who are gonna b!tch and whine about me saying I have controller lag, screw you. To me you're just as bad as any 360 Halo fanboy I have encountered.

N4360G3531d ago

They hate the Killzone 2 demo because they have yet to play it,or they don't own a PS3.

Droid Smasha3531d ago

LOL @ ps3 fans attacking there own

GameGambits3531d ago

I'm frequent on the Killzone 2 forums and reading what one of the developer's named Seb has to say about the game when we ask questions. The official reply from Guerrilla Games is, that the demo which is an old build from 2008, is the colprut for some.

I didn't experience issues at all with it, but I would not put it off that an older build of a demo could've been bugged up somehow for some. A LOT of people downloaded it at the same time the same day, and something could've happened.

No one would probably believe me if I told you that the RE5 controls don't suck on PS3, but do on 360. I almost gave up all hope on RE5 after a few playthroughs on my 360 due to how the sensitivity even maxed, still didn't allow me to perform smoothing and precise aiming. I DLeded it on my PS3 and it's like a completely different game with a Dual Shock. Weird yes, but that's the truth from my experience. Still of course wish you could reload while you move in the game though, but I'll live. ;)

Back on topic to Killzone 2 demo---it is NOT representitive of the full product. If you really cancelled your pre-order because of a demo of a game, then do yourself a favor and at least rent it. You'd have to be high to pass up on this game if you can get the chance to get your hands on it.


It's actually pretty simple and it have nothing to do with lag.

Some people like tactical/more realistic shooters, other people like some more fast paced ones.

KZ2 is actually a pretty tactical shooter. For sure you don't kill a guy with 3 or 4 shots of your average rifle (still faster than the likes of Halo or Resistance), don't really need to play as a team nor having a lot of complicated objectives to reach. Still it looks for realism in the feel of weight (jumping, moving and turning), how hard is to aim (harder right after running, your aim center shakes instead of your hit area just enlarging, you don't have auto-aim - COD4 whiners number one complain they don't admit -, don't shake your hands with the sniper), the health and ammo maintenance (you need to use cover, you need to be cured if injured, you don't have HUD all the time) and also the more than debated animations and graphics. It still has the craziness and variety of fast paced shooters while online (those turrets and copycats can make it way too fast too think like in a tactical shooter).

COD4 also went (lightly) there in the midle of those kinds of shooters. But in the opposite areas with KZ2. The controls and gameplay features all feel much like a arcade shooter, but the weapons, gadgets and maps (specially in hardcore modes) make it more suited to play strategically sometimes.

Some people say that COD4 felt more natural. Well, it's totally wrong. COD4 was completely artificial but well suited/hyper responsive for interaction activity (videogame) while Killzone push (maybe too much for some?) the gameplay as a representation of the reality, independently if it felt easy to play.

Games that tends bewtween both styles in this genre usually don't satisfy everybody. COD4 get lots of complains from experienced FPS players that it was just way too easy online, with excessive "explosive power" (the usual overuse of Rocket and Granade launchers) and unbalanced spawns (most can be hit from the start with a nade launcher). Even called as a noob's shooter. Killzone is the opposite, it has been called disnecessarely hard. Afterall COD4 sold well anyway 'cause lacking a feature or two of the fav style of a fraction of the gamers, it still was a great game. From what I have seen, Killzone is a great game, for sure the controls won't please everybody, but I believe most will pass over it and play it anyway if it's a good game.

NickIni3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

"I mean you are honestly hitting disagree on the FACT that I am having input lag."

I experience no lag. In a "agree if you lag/disagree if you don't" situation. I'm going to go for my experience. Not someone else's. So are other people.

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sak5003532d ago

Sony paid off the reviewer's before the embargo and got them to give it extra high score. LAter on the reality set in with impartial reviewers giving it 7s and 8s what it deserves.

DavidMacDougall3531d ago

You sound like you sell polish vacuum cleaners

NegativeCreep4273531d ago

you seem to be very familiar with this entire "paying off" tactic, which seems to be from personal, fanboyic experience.

jkhan3532d ago

I don't think anyone really hated the demo. People complaining about its length are odd because thats how every other demo out there is. Plus it was the same level we have seen in videos for the past one year or soo. Plus the complain about the control scheme is really odd because it took around 5 min to get used to the controls thats it. They weren't like RE5 controls, they were pretty straight forward.
People couldn't hate the graphics because they were perfect, people couldn't hate the AI because it was amazing. Some people just need someone or something to hate & they will always find something to hate.

Arnon3531d ago

Uh no.. Most demos range from 30 minutes to 1-2 hours.. Halo Wars is a good example of that if you do everything in it. Hell, even H.A.W.X. was longer.

ZombieNinjaPanda3531d ago

Arnon, you ever try the skate demos? I could get them to last 20 minutes.

Fear2? Got that to last about 15.

Dead Space? A measly..5 minutes.

Star Wars Force Unleashed? 15 minutes.

No demo should last 1 to 2 hours long. You may as well get the whole game without trying out to the demo.

3531d ago
villevalorox3531d ago

I agree. And wtf is this controller lag people keep talking about? idk what it is what they mean but the response time is great.

Arnon3530d ago

Every demo you just mentioned was about twice as long as the Killzone 2 demo. Which just proves my point.

Anyone in their right mind enjoyed the demo. Which is something that I am not saying. But for anyone to justify Killzone 2 off of that 10 minute demo is insane. It literally offered nothing.

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joeyisback25853532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

ok if killzone2 sucks so bad why u keep writen chit in the killzone2 areas u idiot go play ur xbot or is it rrod and u cant so u come on here talking chit now stfu and go play xbot if its so good

Darkseider3532d ago

Because it is only on the PS3. If it were a multiplat PS3/XBox 360/PC then everyone would have absolutely loved the hell out of it.

madpuppy3531d ago

But, you forgot, a bunch of clowns would have said it looked the worst on the PS3.

Chubear3531d ago

Perfect example. A game that's a direct carbon copy of Motorstorm. Motorstorm = meh, nothing special; FUEL = "OMGZ iz teh roxzz mys socxzz!!!11011!!"

Has anyone noticed how the 360 fanbase in a weird way act as if multiplat games are exclusive 360 games? It's like the base has really not much to talk about so they'll grab on to a multiplat game and make it seem as if it's a 360 exclusive.

I remember someone actually saying I was jealous of FUEL cause it was "apparently" better than motorstorm and it's coming to the 360... and I'm like "uh? it's a multiplat game for the PS3 too"

I see this a lot with the 360 fanbase.

Hallucinate3531d ago

lol FUEL will be overhyped and wont live up to it..the map is just way to big..and big only means better in one area of life..ill give you a hint, it aint video games