How Far Have The Playstation 3's Graphics Progressed Since Launch - Killzone 2 vs. Resistance & More Comparisons

PushSquare.com: "The Playstation 3 has been on store shelves for almost 2 years here in Europe and subsequently longer in the US and Japan. Sony often bill their systems as having 10 year life cycles. We only need look at the difference between a Playstation 2 launch title and one of the later releases (God Of War II for example) to see how Playstation platforms are capable of standing the test of time. With 2 years of the Playstation 3's life come and gone, how have things improved visually?

Our comparison finds out."

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sak5005626d ago

Not far since the pallette is just 3 shades of brown and 3 shades of grey.

Pennywise5626d ago

You forgot 10 shades of ignorant.

get2sammyb5626d ago

Hmmm. Try the Ratchet & Clank comparison then.

jBat175626d ago

it peaked in its first year. gears of lag 1 look exactly like gears of lag 1.5, i mean gays of lag 2..suckers who bought the 3fixme will now say it's not all about graphics .. i say, you should have gotten a wii instead..

trancefreak5625d ago

Why talk bad about the ps3. Did it like steal your girlfriend. You guys flock in hear like a disease. Seriously is the Xbox 2 not satisfying you of late.

Why dis5625d ago

So sick of PS3 fanboys thinking PS3 has something graphically great with KZ2.

My jaw drops when I play KZ2 not because it looks good but because I don't get WTF these guys are talking about when they talk up KZ2's graphics.

I'v seen games from 2 years ago that look better than KZ2 granted they don't have the amount of things going on at once.

psycho3605625d ago


What do you expect from blind people who thot haze was gears/halo killer. If kz2 was 360 exclusive u wud hv seen their comments saying what a pale brown colored looking game with weak textures.

b777conehead5625d ago

hey dis get your eyes chcked you blind 360 fan .

Obama5625d ago

"I'v seen games from 2 years ago that look better than KZ2"

Pog, stop lying, u prick. KZ 2 is the best looking console game period. There's no contest unless you are a freaking bot.

AuToFiRE5625d ago

how many 360 games have been compared to uncharted?

now skip forward a few years, how many 360 games are being compared to killzone 2?

now what has killzone 2 being compared to? Crysis

what is crysis? a graphical power house of a PC GAME

what 360 games have been compared to pc games?

now what was this about better looking console games?

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doctorstrange5626d ago

how the article had no standard for which game was new and which was old i.e. sometimes the newer game is on the left sometimes its on the right

christian hour5626d ago

Yeah that was kind of annoying, and the screens were far too small to even notice any difference in detail on most screenshots and comparisons. This article is kind of pointless, naturaly of course the graphics have improved, would be kind of wierd if they hadn't. They've just stated the obvious really, games improve graphically over a consoles life cycle. Way to go captain obvious!

I wouldn't mind that so much if the screen caps were at least a little better.

nix5626d ago

PS3 games vs PS3 games... PS3 owners are the real winner.

i don't know why it took KZ2 to make people realise PS3's power because PS3 always had great games. probably because of the infamous trailer they showed. but i'm not complaining... at least it has opened eyes of the many. good days ahead!

BiG_LU5625d ago

Well I didn't read it yet but for what u said I don't care what other people think or the example they show cuz in the long way I think the PS3 will do pretty good and more with all those good games comming on the way, I don't gonna mention any cuz u know them already lol.

N4360G5625d ago (Edited 5625d ago )

Resistance:Fall Of Man had very good graphics for it's time,the PS3's graphics keep on getting better every year.

thats_just_prime5625d ago (Edited 5625d ago )

I'm agree it is annoying and the screen shots were too small. They also didnt even really try to match them on half and half comparisons didnt make much since. Some of the old screenshots actually looked better

nix and no you idiot fanboy gamers are the winners this gen

SaiyanFury5625d ago

Yeah Sony's first parties seem to be competing internally, but that's not a bad thing. They all strive to deliver the best that they can at the time. With Insomniac offering help to all developers making PS3 games, there's little to worry about. We all benefit and I look forward to the games in the future.

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Xbox Street Gang5626d ago

If I wanted a console that was a place holder for the PS3... I would've bought a 360 in '05 because that console was tapped when Gears 1 came out. Guess you bots 'll learn when the PS4 comes out.

trancefreak5625d ago

Ya but if it wasnt true they would mind their own business and here they are talking smack about the greatest console in the world. sad

Xbox Street Gang5626d ago

What a stupid comparison. The only people competing with Sony's first-party is Sony's first-party.

get2sammyb5626d ago

Hmmm. Not sure what your point is? If third-parties aren't willing to step up to the ball of Sony's first-party then that means you're technically being treated to a lesser product.

Graphics aren't everything but they're an interesting way to measure the progress a system makes techinically.

The PS3 is taking strides.

Godmars2905626d ago (Edited 5626d ago )

Pretty sure he's talking about multiplatform titles get2sammyb. Especially 360-build ports, that are never going to stress the PS3. Only have problems on it.

The thing is, are those same games already going to be having problems on the 360 the Last Remnant.

games4fun5626d ago

sony saw the multiplats not giving them 100 percent a mile away and focused on their first party at the beginning of this generation. smart move on sony's part. because waiting for multi's to come to grips took a year and half pretty much but with the focus on first party sony is releasing a multitude of great games all exclusive and a reason to own their console.

Kleptic5626d ago

^^thats exactly it...over the PS2 generation Sony did nearly nothing but strengthened their internal development network...Sony saw the expense coming with HD game development, and was able to invest at the time where they needed to to get the best content to their own system...

this is the exact opposite of MS...whom has done nothing with their gaming budget other than throwing it around as handouts in order to share PS3 games...and all the while closing numerous in house studios...

a lot of MGS games are even based off of UE3...instead of MS building a proprietary middleware product line shared throughout their internal studios...they license 3rd party middleware instead...an easy way to make a decent looking game quickly...but never a way to push ANY envelopes, at least not after the engine is already 3 years old...

but Sony does this each generation...the 1st party stuff initially shows off what the system can do earlier on than any 3rd party software (well mostly, MGS2 was one of the first to push the PS2, MGS4 ditto for the PS3)...and 3rd pary stuff gets up to speed afterwards...you WILL see some incredible 3rd party content eventually, but for now...SCE is the only company pumping millions into the tech side of game development...MS isn't...and Nintendo doesn't even know what any of that is...

boodybandit5625d ago (Edited 5625d ago )

if you don't already you should blog.
You make more sense then most blog sites that make it on here.

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Zeus Lee5626d ago

Couldn't have said it any better.