Gamer's Dictionary: Bullet Hell

From Gamer Limit; Shoot 'em up games started innocently enough. Spacewar shot it's way onto PCs back in the 1960s, and after Space Invaders was released, the rest was history. Galaga and Galaxian would go on to further popularize the genre, and R-Type and Gradius would modernize it. Shoot 'em ups started as casual games. I mean, who hasn't played Galaga?! Eventually, Eastern game studios got their hands on the genre, and changed it forever. Shoot 'em ups were no longer heaven; they were absolute hell.

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chrisjc3531d ago

sick stuff. Hardcore genres are really fun.

kaironn3531d ago

Wow. That's some skill right there!

agentxricky3531d ago

I love Ikaruga... SO MUCH.

Fullish3531d ago

Looks like hell indeed.

Canary3531d ago

Most of the time when I play those games, there'll be so much stuff on screen I don't even notice when I die. ~__~

I wouldn't call 'em fun, but they're certainly as addicting as hell.