Noby Noby Boy UK pricing News

Namco Bandai has told Eurogamer that Noby Noby Boy will cost GBP 3.19 in the UK when it launches on Thursday, 19th February.

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PirateThom3528d ago


That's awesome value.

callahan093528d ago

Agreed! I'm in the US, and I hope we can get this game for 4.99 or 5.99 ... I'll still buy it even if it's 9.99 though.

Johnny Rotten3528d ago

it's $4.99 in North America.

KingDizzi3528d ago

Really nice pricing for this game but it really does seem a "WTF" kind of game. It's what the producer wanted and it is what he got, first day purchase for me. :D

Cajun Chicken3528d ago

But what is this game?
Call me sceptical, but I don't buy into a game which even the creator can't explain.

I'll wait for reviews or the reaction from N4G when its out, thats £3.19 I can't afford to gamble, Flower and Cuboid just changed my perception of what PSN games should be like value-wise.

Xbox Street Gang3528d ago

Wow. Sony is really stepping up their PSN game. Flower, Noby noby boy, the Punisher, Fat Princess, and Trine? Year of the PSN confirmed.

Dipso3528d ago

Between Noby Noby, Flow, Flower and the Pixel Junk games the PSN is becoming a bit of a tokers delight. Loving the surrealism this gen.