GameShark: Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero? Review


"With all that said, there's little doubt that Prinny is good old-fashioned frustrating fun, with loads of replayability granted by its six difficulty levels packing myriad trinkets to be picked up along the way. Is it tough? Absolutely. But will you actually use up all of those 999 lives? Probably not. Prinny presents a formidable challenge, but it is a challenge that can be surmounted with a pinch of luck, a touch of skill, and a whole lotta perseverance."

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Pennywise3530d ago

Boohooo. There is no coop. Everyone has known this. Coop should be there, but it isnt. It is forgivable, give it a rest.

No one found CoD4MW lack of coop disturbing.

solidjun53530d ago

...the guys said "we want to love that shiny, awesome Blu-ray player Playstation 3 we bought, but sometimes, you make it really tough."
(sorry, I couldn't add the strike-through for "Blu-ray player)

I guess the economy is so bad, you create flamebait articles for hits.

Pennywise3530d ago

No, I didnt notice because I dont give lowlife sites like this hits.

Sasanova3529d ago

pretty sure a brilliant game who lets you down because there is no coop should be praised for letting you down because its just too good, and shouldnt be effected by the lack of coop at all.

call of duty 4 was a great game, but noone complained about coop at all, yet it was still accepted...

goes to show you how much better kz2 is then cod4 when people are so down about coop that it alters their mind of the true quality of this title...

callahan093529d ago

I'm confused. You guys seem to be giving responses to a Killzone 2 review, but this is a review for Prinny: Can I Really Be The Hero for the PSP (an offshoot of the Disgaea series by NIS).

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TheMART3530d ago

"Others call it the best game of 2009."

How is that possible if we got at least 10 months before us with Modern Warfare II that will kick Killhaze 2's ars so hard?

Furthermore those saying co-op now in KZ2 missing isn't a problem because COD4 didn't have co-op...

Well COD4 released in 2007. Killzone 2 releases in 2009. Games have evolved. COD5 has 4 player co-op. Gears 1 had co-op in 2006. It SHOULD have been integrated in KZ2. Missing co-op is really sad nowadays period.

bmatthews3530d ago

what a approved the flamebait article...

Pennywise3530d ago

Mart, how many ribs have you had removed?

Man_of_the_year3529d ago

Hmmm - what a surprise - you want to censor N4G so that no negative opinions about the PS3 and its games make it onto the site.

PR3DAT0R3529d ago

Why don't you just f**k off you little idiotic xbot, i am fed up of your consistent bashing, i swear its only kids and damn right morons who post these comments. if necessary guerrilla games can patch that in, they've have already considered it.

I still cant believe you think gears 2 looks better than kz2, maybe the old RROD has blinded you, Microsoft did say don't look it in the eye

Man_of_the_year3529d ago

Oh don't throw a tantrum. I am entitled to my opinion, or am i not? I guess you too are just trying to assimilate more Droids for your SONY mind.

And i have not played the game yet i have only played the DEMO!!! and the demo is an old build thus that is what i have to base my OPINION off of. And i do think it looks good but there are certain areas that even reviewers have stated that the textures don't look great.

Oh and now its GG can PATCH that!!! LOL ya i guess you DROIDS are used to patches and mandatory installs. I have a PS3 and love it but i am entitled to my opinion and am not as blinded by Sonys BS PR and lies like you.

PR3DAT0R3525d ago

I wasn't talking to you my friend is was talking to mart.

read my comment carefully and you will see i was not talking to you.

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1233603530d ago

i don,t give a flying f*ck about coop,on line is where its at with 32 player multi play that will do be nicely thanks.still waiting for socom to hit the uk as well thats coming along nicely and then mag with zipper running the show this could be killer aaa.this is where live lacks when it comes to shooters, dedicated servers and 32 player plus games these are the future best clan fun ever.

Pennywise3530d ago

I agree. I want to be able to play single player by myself, pause on my own time, smoke, eat, save and quit without worrying about anyone.

When I want to play with people, I want it to be so I can shoot and kill them.

Coop is a nice addition, but if it isnt going to be split screen it isnt really needed.