New Final Fantasy XIII V-Jump Scans

Japanese Magazine V-Jump released recently and it contains some new screenshots in the same area as seen in the recent trailer.

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GameGambits3555d ago

I still can't get over the fact that the coolest looking character in this game, the blonde dude with white trench coat who is a Monk, is named SNOW.

What happend to names like Cid, Vincent, Kuja, Zell, Squall, Seifer, Vivi, Jecht, Auron, Kefka, Edge, Shadow, Balthair, Vaan, etc.

With his name and the goofiness in the characters appearance it's like they are opting to make everyone look like Quina without knowing it. The black guy is bleh cheesy and that guy with the orangeish spikey hair looks like a reject character drawing of an early development Zell.

FF13 still has hopes from me yet, but what we've seen so far is starting to stink of fail for me.

Counter_ACT3555d ago

I know. Why Snow? That's pathetic. That's not even trying to be creative.

3sq3555d ago

Snow is pathetic yes but in Japanese "snow" can be translated to "yuki/雪" which means "snow". I think, in Japan, the name "yuki" is common but "snow" hell NO.

As for lightning = denkou/電光 ... Never heard a person with this name before maybe there is, I don't know I'm not a Japanese but it's definitely not a woman's name.

SupaPlaya3555d ago

may be, just may be the names are not the "real" name per se. They could be a codename for the group that they are in. You know, kinda like the name you gave your account on N4G. The names wouldn't be as bad if they are indeed code names and they revolve around a central theme.

Just a theory.

3sq3555d ago

Whoa! Speaking of combination of bad character designing, bad costumes and bad names.

byeGollum3555d ago

the characters are so beautiful, its alright for the female characters but the males ones? lol .. unrealistic.. it is final fantasy after all.. "fantasy"

3sq3555d ago

And it will be the last one too. It is final fantasy after all "final"