PS Home: Watchmen - Live Q&A plus Free clothing and items

TedtheDog on EU forum reports:

"WATCHMEN arrives in PlayStation®Home next Monday the 23rd with an Interview with the director Zach Snyder and the graphc novel's artist Dave Gibbons. This invitation-only event will involve journalists, bloggers and fans from around the world and the event will be streamed live via a webcast.

The following Thursday, the 26th, a range of WATCHMEN clothing and items will appear in Home and these will be free for all SCEE Home customers.

For more information and hi res shots heres the offical press release from the films marketing agency, Picture Production Company"

Click on the link below to see the press release.

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shadowghost7523530d ago

free clothing, not bad. still it is free i will be getting that

Deviant3529d ago

Free stuff for the win pr.