Burnout Paradise - Legendary Cars - Prices

Criterion has released the prices for the Legendary Cars.

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Dragunov3533d ago

I'll probably buy the pack when it arrives to the PSN store, its a long time since a play Burnout

vhero3533d ago

Wow thats expensive especially for 360 owners who yet again get burned by the stupid con/points system MS got goin on there..

LoVeRSaMa3533d ago

Ouch, £6.29

I could save that and add £23.7 and buy Kilzone 2 insted.

Speed-Racer3533d ago

A bit expensive for just 4 cars if u ask me.

stevenhiggster3533d ago

It isn't the cheapest I agree, but I don't mind giving something back to criterion after all the awesome free content they've given us.

Simon_Brezhnev3533d ago

i will buy probably one car just to support Criterion since they gave us so many free dlc

CadDad3533d ago

This is what I will do also. I played through that game 3 times (the last time for the trophies) so I've certainly got my $ out of it and they have been more than supportive of their game for over a year.


shadowghost7523533d ago

that is extremely expensive for a few cars

Sangria3533d ago

It may be expensive only for cars, but Criterion added night play, bikes, offline multiplayer and increased the game graphics for free, so i will buy every pack to be released for Burnout no matter the price, because Criterion are very honorable developers and they deserve it.

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The story is too old to be commented.