Killzone 2 Presentation in Madrid, Spain

Killzone 2 is presented in Madrid, Spain 53 Minutes long

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360 man3529d ago

to hell with spain, those racist f-tards

Dragunov3529d ago

To hell with you loser, go back to your cave

XtreemGamer3529d ago

I think it was a great presentation

Cynical-Gamerzus3528d ago

Damn those environment stages show off some pretty damn amazing physics!! my jaw droped!,Blows away Unreal Engine easily,Im hoping this some how is incorporated into Fighting games and racing games someday and gives us a sense of LIFE in these games!!!
I remember the sprite 3d engines that Sega use to have on their monster Buffed V-RAM Arcade units! The sheer amount of life was amazing!! To see this done on a underwhelmed RAM limited machine like PS3 is awesome!!!

Looking forward to more physcis in games!!