Why David Jaffe is Correct About Games Not Telling Good Stories

Slashgamer Writes: On occasion, Jaffe says somethings on his website and gets the video game world all riled up and he has done it again.

This time, the designer said that video games have yet created a story that is comparable to other mediums. He even concludes that maybe the gaming industry will never be able to match them.

"Overall, I feel the medium is either not capable of creating and sustaining deep emotions or we have simply not come close to understanding how to do it on a consistent basis. I am open to it, but I'm just being honest with how I feel about the current state of storytelling in gameplay."

We read and talked to some people about what he has said and for the most part, gamers strongly disagrees with him. However, I am in the minority; I in fact think Jaffe is 100% right."

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butbutbuttehcell3582d ago

So you're telling me Bioshock wasn't a great story Jaffe? I know you're ugly as fúck and think you're word is gospel but puhlease. How about you prove your worth by actually making more than just one good game without Sony's backing?

Algullaf3582d ago

hate and hate and hate how you live really?

GrieverSoul3582d ago

He isnt bashing the game. He is just saying that we know that in the end the story gives you a happy ending. (im not defending him though!)
And if you mess up (die) during a gameplay, u press continue and the game picks up where u left off. By doing so it changes all progressive story telling since u cant really mess up and the story will go its way.

But this argument can really be said in every story telling! In a movie or a book, we all know its going to end well! Or at least the character dies in the end and still finishes the story. We all know the main character wont die in the first 5 minutes of the story. Duh!!!

However, Jaffe my friend, you didnt play Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed! Well, you cant DIE in those games! ;)

Funny, both are Ubisoft franchises where you cant die! Interesting...

penguinhunter3582d ago

Whoah, the article and Jaffe said there isn't a good emotional story...there is a HUGE difference.

LastDance3582d ago

the protagonist (if you can all him that) in shadow of the colossus Sh*t's all over his theory of the good guy always wins.

Nineball21123582d ago

"And if you mess up (die) during a gameplay, u press continue and the game picks up where u left off. By doing so it changes all progressive story telling since u cant really mess up and the story will go its way."

It'll be interesting to see what Heavy Rain brings to the table. From what I understand, the main character can be killed off and the story will continue anyways. That's certainly intriguing.

The other thing is, there are games where story matters a great deal and games where I don't need to know much about the story, just give me some action.

I prefer the "story" games, myself.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3582d ago

The game "Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer" is said to stop that kind of method in video games. When a person dies including yourself in the game the bodies also disappear, in Heavy Rain they remain. Also if you die during an event the story takes that information to work around the fact the player died.

This makes it more interesting to see how the game really turns out compared to what is promised.

greatjimbo783582d ago

You Beat me to it, One word Bioshock

Aquanox3582d ago

I'm glad Bioshock and Mass Effect developers didn't think this way when they created their games.

Especially the later can compete head to head with the best storylines in modern movies.

Shadow Flare3582d ago

I couldn't disagree more with David Jaffe. I've played Final Fantasy VII, and it made such an impact on me that i just have to refuse what David Jaffe says straight off. He is wrong

OMGHI3582d ago

That's just hes opinion tho, every 1 is entitle to one :D

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Jok3r3582d ago

I just finished playing Uncharted for the second time, and IMO the story and the way the story is told via the cutscens etc, is the best darn story ever! Its so good made and the cutscenes makes most games hide in shame when compared to Uncharted!

GrieverSoul3582d ago

You know why the story is good?
Because you like the main charater. Nate is just a charismatic fella! He screams in fear, says whoooo when about to fall, and he convinces you that he is amazed when he sees something really incredible (submarine in the middle of the jungle).

Good games with great stories share one thing!

Likeable (spelling check plz) characters!!!

Im not saying Fallout or Dead Space didnt had good stories, but great stories are the one where u feel the emotion that goes in the main character.

2 cents.

Jok3r3582d ago

Totally right!

You really FEEL with Nate! Here, have bubble for explaing it so good =)

Theo11303582d ago

There is a difference between having a good story and having good dialogue, it sound like Uncharted as good dialogue not a good story

GrieverSoul3582d ago

??? It sounded like? ???

Seems to me you didnt even played Uncharted!
Also, I just said the main character is important in a game´s story attachement. U wont like the story if you dont like the main character. Thats all I said.

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ChickeyCantor3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

Jaffe can cry all he wants but Tetris has the best story out there so far.


Actually the saddest part was when they were joining forces, the 4 long block piece killed them and himself.

I can't tell wether he was a hero or a villain.

GrieverSoul3582d ago

The 4 block lined shape trying to cover all the spaces while the 4 blocks squared shape tried to makes lines was such an engaging story!


AngryHippo3582d ago

....loved the comment. Bubbles for you.

Sitdown3582d ago

best comment of the day...perhaps of 2009.

Counter_ACT3582d ago

Isn't his favorite game Gears of War 2? If he's basing his opinion o n that, enough said.

table3582d ago

it will be interesting to see what heavy rain has waiting for us in terms of story telling.

Alexis Machine3582d ago

Apparently you can go on playing the game even when the main character dies.. Don't exactly know how that's gona work, but at least it will have us caring about the characters we play as

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