Top 9 greatest video game heroines (SFGate)

SFGate writes: "From the day when video games developed the graphic capabilities to simulate cleavage, women in games have been designed mostly from the blueprints of a horny 13-year-old boy's fantasy. If a female character wasn't in need of rescue - yes, we're talking about you, Donkey Kong - she seemed designed specifically to reinforce negative body images."

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T-Baggins3533d ago

Very Crappy list, its missing several girls, and like Flipfito where in the hell is Nariko, she would kick almost every one on this list ass

Guy1693533d ago

Fantastic! a sidekick from RE series but no main female protagonist. Where 's Jill?

Saladfax3533d ago

Really need April Ryan and/or Zoey from The Longest Journey and Dreamfall