The Lost and Damned is live on Xbox Live

The astronomically huge GTA IV expansion, The Lost and Damned, has finally gone live on Xbox Live, and can be downloaded from the Marketplace now.

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ThatCanadianGuy3582d ago

Apparently it's not nice.Sorry for lieing

IzKyD13313582d ago

I think the 360 members think your being sarcastic since you favor the PS3 most of the time

Lifendz3582d ago

I started playing through GTA4 again last night (in part for trophies), and have to say that Liberty City is not so bad on the second visit. In fact, I think I can appreciate the game more now than I did back when I picked it up some 10 odd months ago. I guess this is because I no longer compare it to previous GTA's in terms of vehicle control. And Niko is perhaps one of the most memorable characters I've ever played as in a game.

So yeah, I'm jealous. Hope the DLC does well on 360 so devs will give us something like this for a 1/3 of the cost of a new game.

Here's hoping the PS3 gets some DLC of its own in the near future.

PSN/360: Lifendz

FantasyStar3582d ago

When I finish with Fallout 3: I'll be sure to pick up this DLC.

GamerPS3603582d ago

Do you have to have GTA IV to play this ?? 'coz I sold my copy. :(

N4PS3G3582d ago

yep... i did too

but i think they discounted the price to 39.99 so people could buy it and get this

FantasyStar3582d ago (Edited 3582d ago )

You can definitely find GTAIV for much cheaper, specifically Ebay.

AAACE53582d ago

Don't know if it helps, but I saw used copies at blockbuster for $14.99 and without original cover $9.99!

I kept mine because GTA games hold more value than just bearing missions. I like to explore the whole city, and try stuff I might not have.

Overall, I just like having a big city that I can do whatever in without having to worry about spending time in real jail!

Lou-Cipher3582d ago

I rented it earlier today, and I am downloading it now

1.78 gigs
1600 MS points

FantasyStar3582d ago

bubbles for info. This should help some.

sumguy813582d ago

the game has to be in the drive to play it. so the dlc will only work as long as the rental.

also, i'm live now and can't find it in the market anyone actually d/ling this yet?

PimpDaddy3582d ago

Nasim and his multiple accounts hitting disagree for what? For somebody stating how much the games costs and how more storage it takes?

Dammit mods do your job. Stop this nonsense. It's ridiculous now.

On topic: Guess it's time to buy GTA4 for my 360 so I can get the DLC. I was borrowing my brothers PS3 version of GTA4 while waiting for the expansion.

Lou-Cipher3582d ago

@ sumguy81

Just put in the disc and highlight over the PLAY GTA IV, then press Y(game details) then go to DOWNLOADS, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.


Go to GAME MARKETPLACE, then go to GAME ADD-ONS, THEN NEW ARRIVALS, and it will be right there for you to download.

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The story is too old to be commented.