First look at Fallout 3 "later this year"

In spite of two spin-offs (Fallout Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel), gamers have been waiting almost ten years for the third instalment in the series, and it looked like it would never happen after Interplay went bankrupt

Thankfully, The Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda Softworks stepped in and bought the rights to develop Fallout 3, announcing it had commenced work on the title in 2004 and that it is using the same game engine as Oblivion. Now that it's over two years on since the annoucnement, 360 Gamer asked Bethesda's PR and Marketing guru Pete Hines when Bethesda would be ready to show off what it had been working

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Captain Tuttle4271d ago

I am wound up so tight for this game. I still play 1&2 about 3 times a year. They just never get old. That and Planescape: Torment. Now THOSE are CRPG's.