Sexploitation: Should it go Both Ways?

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "It's quite apparent that sex sells whether it be in video games, film or other. Male gamers certainly get a lot of sexy female characters to fawn over, but it's very rare for the male body to be exploited in the same manner for the female gaming population, or homosexual gaming population. Should this trend change? Read the full article to find out."

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SL1M DADDY3532d ago

IMHO, the tits seen in video games are so over the top that it truly looks silly. I can see a developer using a solid 32 to 34 D cup but come on, that pic up top looks like a G cup on a chick with a waist size of zero. Sorry, but if they were more real looking it would add to the game in a more positive way, not make the game look campy.

MrWeymes3532d ago

I've always thought that was the point, though. It's rare to see women with small waistlines and size D and above breasts. That's the fantasy and that's why it's attractive in my opinion.

Mr Tretton3532d ago

All I know is my ex loved Nathan Drake

MrWeymes3532d ago

He is quite fetching. Not as fetching as Snake's rear end, though. My god. lol

DelbertGrady3532d ago

I'd rather see it go away completely.

MrWeymes3532d ago

That would sadden me greatly. I love big, oily breasts. I just think the ladies deserve a little eye candy.

DelbertGrady3532d ago

I like big, oily breasts as well. But not in games since they rarely add much to the story/gameplay. I would like to see more games that do their own thing 100% without compromise.

"Let's add bigger breasts! It will sell better then because everyone loves big breasts!" And in many cases it also kills the soul of the game and prevents the player from taking the game seriously.

MrWeymes3532d ago

To each their own, but I feel if a story is written well enough, the inclusion of big, oily, squeeze worthy breasts won't be able to take anything away from it.

More often than not, the story isn't that great and the breasts and ass are the only saving grace.

Kushan3532d ago

I'd love to see more male sexploitation in games, anything to get more girl gamers on the scene!

dragunrising3532d ago

But are they real?

If they are...(fill in the comment)

I suppose there could be a little sexploitation both ways, however it might be a while before we see it.

GTAIV: The Lost and the Damned apparently has wrinkly old man junk...that must account for something right? lol

MrWeymes3532d ago

There's nothing wrong with wrinkly, old man junk. It does count for something. Something indeed. I hope ladies everywhere are pleased. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.