Sony's Blu-ray player gets delayed again

Their flagship Blu-ray player, the BDP-S1, has been pushed back again, this time all the way to October 25th. What was once slated to release last month will now see a five month delay!

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OutLaw6544d ago

At the last minute they're going to do the same to the PS3. Delay it.

FamoAmo6544d ago

If they can't get a stand alone Blu Ray player to work they sure as hell ain't got the ps3 to work!! The PS3 Delay will be announced but not for another few months!!

TheXgamerLive6544d ago

The ps3 will not come out this year, It cant there's still so many problems, so many malfunctions, it's 1 big major bottleneck that has yet to play an entire demo w/o locking up. Seriously it's gonna be febuary 2007. I keep saying it. It's so clear. Sony needs to get on the ball if they plan to salvage this system.

BoA_Wrath6544d ago

Interesting this so take it that this will have a corresponding impact on the ps3 release date? They should adopt the HD dvd drive and forget bluray until the next gen consoles when they have the tech fully developed and can take advantage of cheaper production.

This way at the mo they will be late for the HD DVD v Bluray war and be 2x the cost of the competition. I smell another betamax blunder for Sony which they can ill afford.

USMChardcharger6544d ago

or do the smart thing. make it a add-on. so if it fails, then the PS3 won't suffer too. it just makes sense.
plus they could release it and you sony fans could be enjoying the next gen along with the 360 owners.

the sooner the better for M$ too. more games more games

96impala6543d ago (Edited 6543d ago )

If you click on my icon and look at my comment, i just posted a similar thought before before i read yours. I think that pushing this blue ray is too soon. It'll be more practicle in the next round of consoles not now.

COVER GIRL6544d ago

Microsoft and Toshiba cought Sony off guard their tech and legal issues are far worse than they would have the public believe. It's a totall mess Sony's in, i would not buy a PS3 out of fear of PS3 having more problems than the PS2 did.

The Real Deal6544d ago

Thats 100 % correct....What comes around goes around. They are now learning what most people figure out early in life.

Moostache6544d ago

Next announcement on Blu-Ray = player release delayed until November 17 (or whatever the PS3 release date is), stand alone unit to debut in 2007....

Just kidding really, but it is somewhat odd for Sony to continue to say one thing and do another, definitely a pattern there on recent releases (PSP, PS3, BD players, etc.)

OutLaw6544d ago

But on the top where people vote cool or lame. There is this guy name Alan, who only vote cool for every Sony news and vote lame for every MS news. But when you press on him he never participated in any conversations. So Alan I would personally like to know what's your thought on this topic?

FamoAmo6544d ago

Alan say's the delay of blu ray is cool!! I think he forgot Sony was including blu ray in the ps3!!

TheMART6544d ago

Alan is brainless like Sony. Hi Alan!

Maybe Alan=Ken in real and we know Ken! He can probably only talk Japanese so he doesn't understand it all. Just sees PSZero and clicks cool, sees 360 and clicks lame