Socom Confrontation: Update on Latency (lag) Issues

We've identified a server side issue which is causing some default games (Medley games) to be created on the Japanese and Asian servers for North American players and vice versa. When this happens, players experience higher than normal latency as they are playing on servers which are not located locally. This issue was recently made worse when the number of North American hosted servers was reduced.

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MGOelite4362d ago

at least it doesnt lagg as bad as glitches of war 2

GiantEnemyLobster4362d ago

This looks like the job for a patch.

remanutd554362d ago

dont know what sony and Zipper where thinking when they decided to give slant 6 the development of the new socom , the gameplay is great no doubt about it but still have some technical issues and theres no excuse , its just multiplayer only , Zipper should have handled it, i hope MAG make up for this and the new socom zipper should handle it not /6

Monkey5214362d ago

I agree that there is no excuse for these problems. I am just as annoyed as the next person. This doesn't mean that slant 6 is a terrible developer. Being their first time on consoles ever (psp is a handheld), I think that they are learning from their mistakes and next time around, there will be huge quality upgrades.

BTW, I am also hoping that MAG turns out amazing, the concept behind it is great.

pwnsause4362d ago

"BTW, I am also hoping that MAG turns out amazing, the concept behind it is great."
Its Zipper, Im pretty sure they know what they're doing.

remanutd554362d ago

at monkey521 well i have played a slant 6 game before but it was on the psp , socom is a franchise followed by millions , its not a small game to begin their console development experience on the ps3 they should have made a new ip but not the next socom, i know Zipper is working on a much bigger project but still they are socom , plain and simple

Raoh4362d ago


really? who would have thought that reducing servers would cause an issue..

not I..

sigh......................... .......

Rich16314362d ago

Slant Six is right up there with Spark Unlimited as far as the worst game developers. I have never seen such an unskilled bunch of people in my life. They can't even get the main menu to run smooth!!! The damn things stutters, lags, and becomes all choppy when clicking options/buttons. Socom is a buggy, broken, lagfest, even 4 months after launch. Not to mention it is STILL missing the features listed in the manual and back of the box. I am tired of the constant stuttering and broken stat tracking. After being delayed for a long time, having a beta, and being an online only title, this is unacceptable. By the time they fix this nobody is going to give a damn...hell I don't think anyone cares now.

Marceles4362d ago

Yeah the only good game they did was Syphon Filter on PSP. Their transfer from PSP to PS3 is off to a horrible start though

Rich16314362d ago

They just did the game engine for that game, the game itself was developed by some other team. I forget the name. The only other game Slant Six did was Socom: Tactical Strike for the PSP. I never had the "privilege" of playing that, since playing the PSP hurts my fingers for some odd reason. But I would imagine it sucks, right?

brycespitler4362d ago

its actually quite good

i think sony rushed them into releasing it early so they can say they had another exclusive for 08

or because they didnt want to compete with killzone 2

if they had an extra 3 months and released it in january i think it would of been a good online game

BattleAxe4361d ago

I stopped playing Socom in November, and I just started playing again. Its been great since update 1.3. I can't wait for the map pack.

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The story is too old to be commented.