Will GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Raise The Bar For DLC In General? writes: When you think of downloadable content what is it that comes to mind? Is it extra costumes, new playable characters and weapons or even a continuation of the story? Certain games will charge you $10 just for a few costume and an extra level that can be completed in under an hour and after that you ask yourself is this really what justifies as downloadable content ?

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Killzonegamer843558d ago

No, GTA IV was the most overhyped piece of garbage and ill be damned if im going to fall for the hype again and spend a penny on this garbage DLC.. as the saying goes "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"

DavidMacDougall3558d ago

I like GTA4 the shooting and the damage you can cause made it better than the rest (For me)

But i just don't do DLC

Danja3558d ago

but it's by far the biggest DLC to hit XBL...

overall I really dont care for GTA4 ne more...

im looking forward to what R* will do with the GTA Franchise after it's poor showing with this game.

Blaze9293558d ago

Do you people even read? Its not asking whether you like the DLC or not or are gonna but it; its asking will it raise the bar for DLC. And the straight up answer for that is yes, hell, it already HAS. When has you ever seen DLC offered with the magnitude of content like The Lost and Damned and even spouts advertising and TV commercials....for dlc.

Next to Lost and Damned, the second biggest game with DLC would be what, Oblivion?

Yes, it HAS raised the bar.

MURKERR3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

dont forget sony have done warhawk,quest fot booty,burnout and other full games alongtime ago

its great to see both companies embracing dlc on a whole may it continue

Simon_Brezhnev3558d ago

no they wont raise the bar we already have a DLC king Burnout Paradise

Doppy3558d ago

Yes as far as DLC goes. Most DLC add a couple of chapters or levels and that's it. This is adding a completely new take and stroy to a pre existing game. I think more good games need to do this.

UltimateIdiot9113558d ago

I say no. I personally feel it cross the line and is now an expansion pack. To me a DLC is a few small add on, and maybe a mission or two. An expansion pack to me, adds a whole new story almost like another game or short game to the original.

solidsnakus3558d ago

looks like the sony defence force is on full patrol tonight. wtf is a guy called "Killzonegamer84" even doing on 360 news leaving the first comment and its , of course negative.

iHEARTboobs3558d ago

I hope this raises the bar for DLC. Of course every developer would want to get compensated for such content so it all depends on how much someone's willing to pay them to provide us with the content. If anything i hope it discourages companies from trying to sell us crap that probably should have been in the game or provided for free.

Exquisik3558d ago

I think people are being confused as to what a DLC really is. Some are considering a DLC is anything that's downloaded off of XBL or PSN. Some are considering it as an expansion. And some are considering it as a small upgrade to the game, such as maps and other various items. Until we can settle what a DLC (Download Content) really is, this whole debate is pretty much useless.

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N4PS3G3558d ago

strange one is approving this particular HHP article..weird :S

socomnick3558d ago

good why would anyone want to read his failed made up rumors and idiotic commentary.

N4PS3G3558d ago

lol.. his pro ps3 articles get approved in seconds...wonder why this one is at almost 100 degrees and only have 3 approvals.. ummmmm what could it be :S

Kyur4ThePain3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Did you approve it?

JonahFalcon3558d ago

Apparently, hiphopgamershow forgot about Shivering Isles. (rolling eyes)

lord_of_balrogs3558d ago (Edited 3558d ago )

Shivering Isles is an expansion not DLC, Knights of the Nine is DLC tho. Same with Burnout Paradise it's an expansion not DLC. Although I would consider Lost and the Damned more of an expansion rather than DLC even if the developers and MS thinks differently.

What's embarrassing is that DLC gets more advertising then Killzone 2.

GiantEnemyCrab3558d ago

Don't forget about Bring Down the Sky Mass Effect DLC or the Star Wars Unleashed extra mission. I can agree that it's definately one of the biggest DLC's I've ever seen but it seems rather natural that this stuff will evolve over time. DLC has been around for a couple years now.

George Sears3558d ago

Well liking GTAIV or not is subjective, but in a way yes this DLC does indeed raise the bar in that it adds pretty much a new game towards the plate and a new experience over all. It's more than just fancy costumes and new levels, it's a new story with a new protagonist that could take almost 10 hours to complete. If I had the 360 version, I might waste 20 bucks and see how it fares but then again, I've never really wasted any money on dlc for any game.

GayASSAdmins3558d ago

yes it will raise the bar.
Lost and damned is a full game 11+ to end. review at this time gave it good scores.

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