Does The 360 Have What It Takes?

"Microsoft came strong this generation with a strong library of games, great new IPs, and solid online service. But do they have any fuel left?"

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ape0073626d ago

the 360 has a game that I've been waiting for a long time,that game is alan wake

this game sounds so explosive

remedy are excellent dev

krouse933626d ago

Hmm that game is also coming out for PC i would rather just buy a kick a$$ graphics card and play it in as great visuals as it can have on my PC. Not on 360.

DNAgent3626d ago

Now if only they had some other exclusives to fill in the rest of 2009...

CaseyRyback_CPO3626d ago

Sure, the game will run at a higher resolution, more AA, maybe some different pixel shaders here and there, but unless they do a full renovation of the code they made to port for the 360's arcade unit without a hard drive. Expect the jump from COD4console/PC. Or GTA4/pc. In the case of GTA4 Rockstar did spend some extra lovin on the PC version, but its still not really Crysis vs Gears.

The only thing I hate about multiplatforms is its killing the point to make hardware crunching titles, games like Crysis should be what most PC games look like now, the power is there, the hardware is there, but the software isn't. I mean, remember how gimped farcry turned out? You don't need a super-fast-expensive computer to run multiplatform games to still get 100% of the console quality anymore.

You need one to run one game, and that remains to be Crysis. Any moderate gaming rig that ran Doom/Half-Life2w ell is running COD4,L4D,Gears,MassEffect,etc better than the consoles.

Nothing against consolites, but you guys are messin with my eyecandy in my pc games.

Bnet3433626d ago

Just want to remind everyone that neither GDC or E3 has even been upon us. People love jumping the gun so early. Aaron Greenberg already addressed the state of Xbox 360 for 2009 on X-Play so I think it's fair for us to at least hold our horses no? The Xbox 360 is a great console and the only bad thing I see is the RROD that people have experienced. Other than that, I see no way of knocking on the console.

Nick2120043626d ago

I definitely agree with you there. E3 still has not occurred and there will be surprises like always. There is no reason to hate on a console because they are both great and doing so is just stupid. I wish more people would read this article so they could understand it addresses that Microsoft is doing great but needs to not sleep on the PS3.

3626d ago
STONEY43626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Like many people have said...

Quality over quantity. Don't mention how many games you guys have or how many exclusives. That's like a Wii owner going around saying that the Wii is the best console because there are 400 games and 300 exclusives, yet most of the Wii games can be considered shovelware, with around 15 games that are actually worth buying.

And the only reason XBL has more people is because it was released a whole year earlier, and was the 1st next-gen console. Duh. I'm pretty sure if the 360 came out at the same time as the PS3, they would both have equal amounts of people.

The PS3 and the 360 both have their share of good exclusives.

ActionBastard3626d ago

What exclusive games were announced at either GDC or E3 last year that would make anyone think this year is going to rock? Wait til E3...for what? Lips 2? You're in the Movies 2?

STONEY43626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

This years E3

for 360, Probally Forza 3 will be announced, and gameplay of Alan Wake, Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, and Halo:ODST (probally gonna be hyped up like crazy).

And for PS3, I'm not sure if anything will be announced, just loads of gameplay.

Arnon3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )


Gears of War 2 - Announced Feb. 2008
Fable 2 - Announced for 2008 release @ E3'08
Left 4 Dead - Announced for 2008 release @ GDC'08
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts - Announced for 2008 release @ E3'08
Castle Crashers (most downloads of any game on all 3 consoles) - Announced 2008
Galaga Legions - Announced E3'08
Portal: Still Alive - Announced E3'08
Geometry Wars 2 - Announced E3'08
Tales of Vesperia - Announced for 2008 release @ E3'08
The Last Remnant - Announced for 2008 release @ E3'08
Infinite Undiscovery - Announced for 2008 release @ E3'08

All of these were announced somewhere in 2008 for their specific release dates. I suggest waiting until GDC'09 and E3'09 for some more announcements.

Also, hello? There's more confirmed Xbox 360 titles for 2009 than Playstation 3 titles.


Xbox 360 Q1-Q2:

Ninja Blade
Halo Wars
Star Ocean: The Last Hope
Race Pro
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost & Damned


Halo 3: ODST

Playstation 3 2009:

Killzone 2
Uncharted 2

These are the ONLY 3 titles that have actual release dates. God of War 3 is 2010 , Heavy Rain, MAG, GT5, FFXIIIvs, DC Universe AND Quantum Theory have no release dates.

Things expected @ GDC & E3

Xbox 360:

Forza Motorsport 3
Splinter Cell: ConViction
Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake

Playstation 3:

God of War 3
Heavy Rain
Final Fantasy XIII versus
Gran Turismo 5

I may be wrong with what has release dates and what doesn't.. but I'm pretty sure that's all that me, or anybody else can go by. It's almost unfair to state "Well Heavy Rain is SUPPOSED to come out sometime in 2009.. so we should just add that."

I am in no way flaming. I am simply going by the information that has been given out to the public. And if anyone here seems to disagree, it would be better to respond instead of just hitting the button.

STONEY43626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I almost completely agree with what you said, but Portal: Still Alive and GTA4: Lost and the Damned are DLC, not really games.

EDIT: @Action Bastard's post below me
Mass Effect 2 better be on PS3 or I will be mad. But EA always does multi-plat anyways.

@arnon's post below me
Oh, I thought Portal: Still Alive was DLC, thanks for clearing that up.

ActionBastard3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Let me rephrase...What NEW exclusives? We all know about Alan Wake. We all know about Halo:ODST. And Mass Effect 2. We know both companies have different approaches, but damn, people saying "Wait for E3" just doesn't make sense. Again, there was nothing announced exclusively last year that floored anyone. That's not to say they had bad games, not even close. However, when I watched the MS E3 conference last year and saw games I can play on my PS3, that doesn't make me think "Watch out!". I expect everything you mentioned to be shown or revealed, along with Splinter Cell and more Tekken 6, maybe. Mass Effect 2 will be on the PS3 with Mass Effect 1 included on the Blu Ray disc. Sony has some cards to play too. Nintendo will disappoint...again. Then go swim in the pool of money they've produced from the Wii and DS.

I forgot to mention: WOW @ Gears 2. One game. WOW x 2.

Arnon3626d ago

It can go either way with GTA, but Portal: Still Alive is actually a fully downloadable game off of the XBL Marketplace.

thats_just_prime3626d ago

Sony Fanboys talkk and talk about ps3 great 09 line up but sony great 09 line up is KZ2 and ..................... ummm wait thats it. Thats right there is a single confrimed game every other game is TBA. While MS has confirmed dates for Halo wars 2 million download the most downloaded demo in the history of XBL. GTA4:L&D,Velvet Assassin, SO4 and Ninja Blade that 5 games vs 1.

The ps3 pricecut that will make it sell 100 millions over night. Oh wait Sony said there is no price cut coming anytime soon for the ps3. Lets also not forget sony post 1.65 billion dollars in lose in 08 while MS still made a profit.

To be honest the exclusives for either system dont look that good this year. Multi plats look better.

Heres the games I want this year

Legend of Wrestlemania

Rumored 09 game

I am alive
Uncharted 2

iHEARTboobs3626d ago

I want to play that game too. I don't know what it's about really but I know that I want to play it.

Anyhow, do I think the 360 has any fuel left in the tank? Yeah, why wouldn't they? I'm pretty sure MS knows how much gas they have in the tank. And when they do run out of gas, say hello to the 720. No one's running out of gas yet so just enjoy playing some of these great games that are out right now.

lalalala3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

@Arnon - I agree with most of what you said, but you are looking at things from a biased perspective. 3 games are not the only confirmed titles for 2009

What about...

Ratchet & Clank 2 (confirmed in Quest for Booty)
Yakuza 3
Final Fantasy 13 (may be delayed, but trailer said 2009)
White Knight Chronicles (possible for NA/EU)
Fat Princess (PSN, but it looks good)

Also Heavy Rain, MAG have got a 2009 provisional date at the moment. But even if you don't include any of these games the 3 you mentioned are better than the 360 lineup. Apart from Halo:ODST and Star Ocean 4 (both of these I am definitely getting), everything else pretty much sucks.

Arnon3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

"Ratchet & Clank 2 (confirmed in Quest for Booty)
Yakuza 3
Final Fantasy 13 (may be delayed, but trailer said 2009)
White Knight Chronicles (possible for NA/EU)
Fat Princess (PSN, but it looks good)"

Ratchet & Clank 2 - No release date
Yakuza 3 - No American release date
Final Fantasy XIII - No American/European release date
White Knight Chronicles - No American/European release date
Fat Princess - I don't know about the release date of this one.

"Also Heavy Rain, MAG have got a 2009 provisional date at the moment."

So has Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Forza Motorsport 3, Splinter Cell ConViction, etc. etc.

As I stated, my information may be off some. But I mainly go by what has been given to me. Also, the whole "sucks" thing is subjective to the person.

AAACE53626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

So you are saying, that if a person already has a 360, it would make more sense to buy a "Kick*ss" graphics card for $200-$600 just to play one game?

That's stupid and fanboyish! No matter how good or bad a game is, you will probably play it a couple times and forget about it, unless it has multiplayer. If anything, the graphics will look a little better, but the overall game will remain the same!

Also, if you were really serious about your PC, you would have already bought a "Kick*ss" graphics card and played some titles that came out recently, fanboy!

Do you really hate the 360 that much? All it is, is a videogame system! People buy it to play games on and it just happens to have a few extra features. I understand it's not as packed as the great and all powerful Ps3 (The king of your soul a.k.a. A fanboys pimp).

The thing is, fanboys always go on and on about a game on 360 being on PC as well. But I am curious... The Ps3 is alot like a PC, so why didn't you fanboys just buy a PC instead of a Ps3? And don't say exclusives, cause if the demand were there, they would make a PC copy of any game.

So to end this, they are just games. If you don't plan on buying them just shut up! You don't have to say it is going to PC as well to convince people not to buy it on 360. More than likely, they already made their mind up already!

***I referred to the Ps3 as a pimp because it has alot of fanboys acting like b*tches!***

god_o_war3626d ago

these are the ones that will for sure be released in 09

what about:
quantum theory-TBA 2009
demons souls-released in japan TBA 2009
ratchet&clank future 2-FALL 2009
eye pet-TBA 2009
WKC-released in japan TBA 2009
X-EDGE-march 2009
yakuza 3-Q1 japan TBA 2009
yakuza:kenzan-Q1 TBA 2009
inFamous-Q2 2009
uncharted 2-TBA 2009

Shadow Flare3626d ago

Microsoft's strategy was always about the short-term future, not the long-term future:

-Shove out a broken system just to get a sales boost on the competition

-Not wait for a HD-disc format to use in the 360, just use DVD to get the headstart

-Push games for release too early just to make holiday sales. Mass Effect and Gears 2 are bug-ridden

-Push all AAA games out in one blow, and you got nothing for 2009. Well done.

And hardware wise, the PS3 is so much more advanced then the 360. Graphically, the ps3 is so much more advanced then the 360. Everything about the ps3 is so much more advanced then the 360. And at 360's current price, it SHOULD be crushing the ps3. It's not. Xbox 360 does not have what it takes

IaMs123626d ago

Okay, how many times do you need to say PS3 is far more advanced then the 360? we got that already its common sense that it is and whoever says its not is dumb. Why? not because im in love with the PS3 like most people here are, its because it did come out 1 1/2 years later then the 360. That means the 360 has been in production 1 1/2 years earlier, and as we all know it hardware for PC's get twice as better just a few months afterward. SO therefore the PS3 had more options, and time to decide hey lets go with this since its just a few months out or this or that. The 360 was a little more limited. EXAMPLE, for those who are confused. At the time of the 360 production you could buy the hardware for $200. They go with that. a year and half later the ps3 goes in production and the same card is worth $100, why pay for that when you can pay the same $200 bucks for a twice as better for the same amount the competition payed. I know i would. Im not saying the PS3 has been in production shorter or longer i dont know that myself. Im just giving example time dates thats all. I remember when the 360 came out we were still looking at prototypes of the PS3, thats what im getting at they had time to change. to shift to get the jump. MS got the jump with out earlier, then SONY got it on hardware.

It was wrong of MS to rush a RROD system like that, but i get it for the games anyway, not because its the most powerful. why buy a system now, and then have to wait a couple years for AAA titles when there are many to play already. In due time.

king dong3625d ago

you write and rehash the same sh!t week-in week-out!

your pathetic, know-nothing, hit-getting, sony-fanboy-loving blogs should be banned! they're not news, they're just crap.

Shadow Flare3625d ago

"Okay, how many times do you need to say PS3 is far more advanced then the 360?"

Three. For emphasis. Chill out.

And a word to the wise, it's not just naturally more advanced because it launched afterwards. The PS3's CPU has a much different architecture to that of normal pc's. The cell chip has design architecture akin to supercomputers, and the cell chip is used in some supercomputers. Thats why we are getting games that look like Killzone 2, just a little over 2 years into the ps3's life; because the CPU is so powerful. I just feel it needs emphasisng, because people like myself were saying this a long time ago, yet were called fanboys. But today, the cell processor can prove what it can do and why it makes the ps3 a league ahead of the 360. But yeah, of course like you said, if you want a game on the 360, then get a 360. You'd be an idiot not to get a console if the games on it really appealed to you

king dong3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

dont forget to pick up your sony dildo. molded to the size of ken kutaragis manhood, which comes with a picture of all of sonys execs, so you can look at them and wish they where with you...

"it's the ultimate toy, for the ultimate fanboy"

i should patent that!

DaTruth3625d ago

Does 360 have what it takes? That is a question for the 360 news and not the PS3 news. Sorry, but there is no reason PS3 owners should debate this except for the purposes of a flame war(ex. see above).

Arnon3625d ago

"these are the ones that will for sure be released in 09"

"for sure" means that they are confirmed.

TBA means To Be Announced. Meaning they are not confirmed.

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jack who3626d ago

the game the price the online the hd out of the box the dlc

lokiroo4203626d ago

the wait until the end of the year.

STONEY43626d ago

Um, which console is jack who even talking about?

OGharryjoysticks3626d ago

I think he's trying to say the 360, but that last part about HD out of the box doesn't make sense if he is.

STONEY43626d ago

Yeah, that's what I was thinking since most of his comments on other articles have been saying the PS3 sucks. Where did he get HD out of the box? I'm pretty sure the 360 doesn't come with an HDMI or composite cable.

Bnet3433626d ago

Xbox 360 is HD out of the box. It brings an HD cable. PS3 is not HD out of the box, it brings an AV cable.

Lou-Cipher3626d ago

You are right

If people are waiting for big games to be announced at E3 for release in 2009, they will only be disappointed. (there will be a few small/casual games announced at E3 for 2009, but not huge AAA titles)

Microsoft will not introduce any big name titles at E3 this year, for release in 2009. I'm not saying they wont announce a big title or two at E3, but they wont be released in 2009.

GDC is the last show to find out what Microsoft has for 2009, because anything big or AAA being announced after this show wont make a 2009 release date.

ActionBastard3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I think you meant to say the 360 Pro/Elite is HD out of the box. The Arcade ships with standard RCAs. And $12 HDMI cables at Wal-mart won't kill you.

EDIT: Bubbles to Lou-Cipher and Stoney for remaining civil and discussing this like real gamers.

ChilliDemon3626d ago

So including an HD cable with the console makes it "HD out of the box"? By that logic, neither of the consoles are "HD out of the box", as they don't cram an HD TV in there ;)

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Zeus Lee3626d ago

Enough Fuel for another year,after that,their only move is to release the Xbox 720.

cayal3626d ago

Do they think people are going to buy a 720 next year or the year after?

soxfan20053626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

MS will not move on unless PS3 not only catches up to 360 in sales, but passes it by a large margin. That will not happen anytime soon, if at all, because 360 continues to increase its lead every month.

Do the math - if 360 has sold 6-8 million more units than PS3, how much would PS3 have to outsell 360 by each month just to pull into a tie? Even if PS3 could outsell 360 by 250,000 a month, EVERY single month (which is nearly impossible), it would still take 2 years just to tie.

cayal3626d ago

Do this math -

PS3 has sold 20 million in 2 years = 10 million a year.
360 has sold 28 million in 3 years = 9.3 million a year.

Which actually sells better?

soxfan20053626d ago

Last time I checked, 28,000,000 was more than 20,000,000, regardless of how you try to spin it. You are saying PS3 sells 700,000 more per year, right? By your math, if PS3 continues selling 700,000 more per year than 360, then it will take 10-12 years for PS3 to catch up. Even if PS3 were to triple it's per-year sales difference over 360, then, again by your math, it would still take around 4 years just to catch up.

cayal3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Use your brain. Your math is wrong considering the PS3 and 360 won't go on forever.

It will take one year after the 360 stops for the PS3 to take over.

DJ3625d ago

As of December 2008, Xbox 360 sold 27.9 million units and PS3 sold 21.3 million units.

PS3 averages 10.6 million units a year, while the 360 averages 9.3 million.

Consoldtobots3625d ago

I think the one thing everyone on the internet has failed to observe is that the sudden barren desert that has become the 360's 09 lineup is due to how much heat Sony first party titles are bringing to the table.
If it wasn't for Sony MS would be happy pumping out shovelware along with all their third party support. The Sony effect dictates otherwise.

GarandShooter3625d ago

'MS will not move on unless PS3 not only catches up to 360 in sales, but passes it by a large margin.'

Sorry, but MS is going to move on when they feel the 360 market is saturated, or at a time when they feel it will help their overall market position. It will have more to do with the number of units they're selling, than the number of units Sony is selling.

There's plenty of life left in both systems. Enjoy.

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Sabre_G3626d ago

It seems at the moment Microsoft are resting on there laurels and Sony are grabbing the bull by the horns in terms of big hitters this year. Who knows though, Microsoft may shock us with some announcements that could be interesting, but at the moment i'm much more interested in what Sony are doing.

Lets hope for a big year from all

cayal3626d ago

Except most of Microsofts stuff is going to be multiplatform or they just pay a sh!tload for it and don't end up recouping their costs.

They are suffering for lack of first party devs.

Shaka2K63626d ago


Fact Xbug 3rd60 has no games for 2009.

alan Wait is vaporware at this point and regarless the game is best on PC, so Xbugs loose AGAIN! Hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa! !!

Nick2120043626d ago

Stop being a fanboy and be real. They will have some surprises and possibly Alan Wake could release which would be AMAZING.

DavidMacDougall3626d ago

Yeah Alan Wake on my PC will be ****ing amazing

II Necroplasm II3626d ago

Better hope your PC will handle it.

DavidMacDougall3626d ago

Thats the thing about PC's if it cant ill buy a new graphics card

Deadman643626d ago

Thats great you will get the 'superior' version on PC, but i really dont wanna drop 200 bucks every year so I can run the best games. But to each his own right?

Stubacca3625d ago

Come on. If it's any good I'll get it on PC, but it isn't even on the horizon yet. If MS think they can get thru 09 with only DLC then I have some very dear friends who will be jumping ship.

I hate the idea that a an 'exclusive' even exists on 360 as everything eventually comes to PC, so I totally get Shaka's point.

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