IGN: Beyond Good & Evil 2: What to Expect

Ubisoft has its Miyamoto. His name is Michel Ancel and he is a masterful game designer. Rayman is his – a character he developed in his teens that landed him a position on Ubisoft's staff, and a few busy years later, he crafted the series into one of gaming's best known franchises. King Kong, created around Peter Jackson's reimagining of the cinematic classic, was also his – a critically overlooked action shooter that debuted alongside the Xbox 360 when it launched.

And then there's Beyond Good & Evil – a game that enchanted people with its stunning characters, subversive plot and gameplay that gave a few gracious nods to the leaders of the adventure genre while stepping out on its own with elements of photography, stealth and creativity.

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ikiru33853558d ago

can't believe they actually compared ancel to miyamoto.

Storm233558d ago

coming on Gamefly. I'm excited to play it since only played the demo which I loved.

LostChild3558d ago

The first game came out at the wrong time (Holiday rush) and was looked over by a lot of people, because the PS2 had a lot of games coming out that year. It's one of my most favorite games of all time.

I hope they keep the part where you have find different creatures to take pictures of and collect rewards for it.

Jaces3558d ago

Man, I've been waiting for this game since I finished it years ago.


I'm really excited about this game. The game design was off the chain, SPOILER ALERT

**** remember when you were able to get the spaceship up and running for the first time, then take it to space *************

I was in awe.

c'mon sequel !!