Capcom: Spyborgs graphically surprising people, new look to be revealed soon

A new update regarding Spyborgs for Wii has been released and Capcom has said that the graphics surprise people and that the revamped look will be revealed soon.

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Louievillesluggns3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

its because it doesnt look like a ps2 game

edited: maybe they will put more work in this title then they have with "Dead Rising"

tippygip3556d ago

Maybe the surprising part is that it looks even worse then Dead Rising?

TriforceLightning3556d ago

While its nice that their taking the time to make the game visually appealing, I hope they are making an equal effort on the gameplay as well.

SpoonyRedMage3556d ago

Well it takes less to make a visually appealing Wii game than a visually appealing PS3 or 360 game(unless you use someone elses engine) so they should have more time to do the gameplay.

PS360WII3556d ago

Well yes it's a good thing Capcom is working past the RE4 engine and even making more than just the MH3 engine. Dv8thwonder I hope they think about gameplay too but this is Capcom and they do know how to make a game still ;)

SinnedNogara3556d ago

Hope the game is a great game.

Here is a prediction. It would be cool if the game was "Monster Hunter Online with superheroes". Downloads would also be nice.


Hope it is a good game.

kewlkat0073556d ago

I luv it..Picking up SF4 soon enough...

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