TGV Minesweeper Flags XBLA Review

The Game Vine's Sith Lord Jim reviews the XBLA version of Minesweeper Flags.
"Playing Minesweeper Flags on the xbox 360 is like doing the horizontal funky dance with a 50 year old ex-supermodel turned prostitute, who you managed to luck your way into sleeping with when she was 30 years younger and a still a supermodel and who got a boob job. That is to say it is now old, with only slight improvements which are by far overshadowed by how old it is, and now your paying for something you have had before for free."

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leeeeed3534d ago

Start > All Programs > Games > Minesweeper?

Bnet3433534d ago


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Why the hell would you release this type of game on Xbox Live Arcade?

Kushan3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

It's not quite the same game that you have on the PC. In fact, it flips the game on it's head. In the PC game, your goal is to AVOID the bombs and try to flag them. In this, your objective is to FIND the bombs (actually it's the flags you find) and you compete against other people.

There's a minesweeper flags game in MSN/Windows Live Messenger, give THAT a try to get an idea of what this is about.
It's probably worth maybe 400 points at the most, though.

leeeeed3534d ago

If that's the go - then I may have to give it a try...

FarEastOrient3534d ago

I would go for releasing it on the Xbox 360, but why charge for it?

ThanatosDMC3533d ago

Someone wanna make a joke about this game being exclusive???

SL1M DADDY3533d ago

Mine Sweeper or.... Flower? Hmmm.....

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Immortal Kaim3534d ago

As I said in the other Minesweeper review posted earlier.

I would never actually pay for this, 400 points is too steep for a game (though admittedly a little different) that you get free on all PC's...

Hunter863534d ago

@ Kaim yeah different, but probably not different enough. Especially when you can just play the multiplayer over msn anyway.

FonzyChalks3534d ago

What would of been cool is a game with an ex-SAS soldier turned mercenary capturing rogue militia and letting them loose on post war mine field. Following the same game style as your typical RTS, where you need to build farms and Torture tents to feed and house the militia before sending them off to their eventual doom.

Anyways, the review was good... however the game sounds not so good.

Hunter863534d ago

Ha I would much rather play your minesweeper concept I think.

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