How to save Sonic the Hedgehog

What would you do if your childhood video game hero was in trouble? Imagine him in the middle of a dark room, bound and gagged in a chair with an interrogation light beaming down on him. His arch nemesis stands behind him with a can of gasoline, a Bic disposable razor, and a package of uninflated balloons, ready to do god-knows-what. The end seems inevitable at this point, but is it too late?

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Fullish3557d ago

I don't know they if they can, they've already dug a pretty damn deep whole.

TheHater3557d ago

and take Sonic outback for a few second.

TruthbeTold3557d ago

Level design for 3D Sonic games is difficult and expensive since they have to create miles and miles worth of levels due to Sonic's speed. That being said, I have absolutely no problem with them taking it back to 2D as long as it looks nice and the gameplay is top notch.

CobraKai3557d ago

When Sega had only 16 bits to work with, they can make magic, but when Sega has been given a great deal of power in the ps360, they can't make Sonic work.

AcesAndEights3543d ago

the "oh the level designers have to design miles" argument doesn't sit well with me, look at games like Burnout, they match the insane speed and manage to make gorgeous as well as long and playable levels.

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The story is too old to be commented.