Gamers Are Killing Gaming

Polymath writes: "There I sat staring, mouth agape, at the situation in front of me: a vote about whether to kick me out of the Left 4 Dead game in which I was currently. I had purchased the game as part of Steam's weekend offer (50% off!) and I had only had the game for about 10 minutes. I had fumbled my way around, trying to get a grasp of the controls and what exactly the objectives where and thought that considering the game doesn't come with a manual via digital distribution I wasn't doing too badly. However, it wasn't long until the match I was in with my friend, whom with which I was trying to understand the gameplay, was populated by others. People who took the game very seriously, it seems.

"Please play properly!" I'm told very sternly over voice chat. I press Y and type: "I've only had the game 10 minutes." A reply tells me: "No excuses."

It's an experience that almost has me regretting my purchase. I am a gamer of over 20 years, so I am not exactly a complete scrub at gaming. However, these comments made me feel small and unwanted, like I couldn't be part of the experience because I wasn't good at the game straight away. It was then that a conclusion hit me: gamers are ruining gaming."

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solar3531d ago

stopped reading after "obnoxious Americans". nationality has nothing to do with him being a noob, jumping into a game, and players giving him guff. happens IN EVERY online game.

mastiffchild3531d ago

In fact if you'd read further he actually slagged off his own nationality himself far more than using a generalisation which isn't his anyway.
And yes, he could have played the SP in L4D first(but would YOU want to do that?)but the point remains fair-he shouldn't have been greeted by abuse for being new to the game. It does happen far too often for my liking at least and when he started on about WoW he was bang on the money imo. I've tried twice to get into it and have come across loads of this habit of attacking newcomers. I remember being totally slagged off because I didn't know every little piece of slang they used and when I asked what sruff meant I got laughed at basically-so how would I ever learn. As a result I never renewed my sub and prolly never will.
Theb other day I was playing Warhawk(a game where I found people when I just got the game really helpful with one guy actually giving me some pro flight lessons when I didn't know it was best to learn that from the start)and, unusually, our team was almost all headsetted up but we had one guy who obviously just started and nearly everyone gave him stick for not being very good. Calling him a n00b, questioning his birth, laughing at his deaths etc etc. In the end I said sorry to him, made my feelings plain, got some abuse back(why don't I bum him then-I was asked), told him to find some newbie servers(poor guy hadn't figured out there were even filters for that til I told him and in fairness there's virtually no manual even with the disc of that game)and sacked it for the night.
I've also had it on Live loads of times and I do think that it's out of order to harangue newcomers/those less gifted at games in this way and there is a core of gamers who feel they have some right to lord it over people because they happen to be good at one game or the other. We all started once, have all been crap at one game or another(the other day I went from ruling the world on GT5:P to not being able to finish above five year olds at MKWii)and need to remember that we got into games cos it's fun and so what if now and again you get someone in your squad that slows you down? That's what mates and clans are for innit? Cut people some slack as you'd expect some yourself if you're a decent human being.
My worry about this is that it's got more and more common. Although I have to say that my experience online on the PC with L4D was totally different to this fellas and I don't know if what he foundis very indicative of that game's community-I've found almost everyone really polite and friendly.

FrankenLife3531d ago

From my experience on the PS3 on on the 360(I own both) this sort of thing happens more on the 360. I am not going to make any generalization about people on XBL, but it does happen more on XBL than the PSN.

m-s-8-23531d ago

Probably does, but if so only because every 360 comes with a headset I think. I'd say 50% who use a PS3 dont, so while theyre more likely just as douchey, you never hear from them.

Viper73530d ago

Actualy this is somewhat country related. In US it seems to be a lot more popular to see this kind of behavior, just because the country is so multi cultured and the ppl are so differend. The TV shows also seem to show this well with the contenders literaly bashing each other while competing. Its normal in US but for many countries it looks pretty odd.

But when it comes to bashing newbies, I think its somewhat related to the group your playing with. Some ppl just feel that they get more closer to the team when they blame the newbies from their mistakes, it might actualy make them look more pro.

I am completely oposite tough, I too tend to play in team but I am not really worrying will my team win or not. Ill just do my best to not to be the one whose fault it was that the team lost.
Like scoring above 1.0 K/D in TDM or defending and capturing the flag etc.
If some1 asks for help I am more than eager to help.

Anon19743530d ago

I read the comments regarding XBL vs PSN and I have to agree with that assessment. It's my experience as well that I don't have to deal with all the 12 year old, racist, homophobic teens on the PSN, which was certainly refreshing after a couple of years of XBL. Certainly part of the reason there's a difference is lack of headsets, but I've found even in matches where everyone is mic'd, you still don't see nearly the same level of problem as I experienced on XBL.

Also, the author mentioned "obnoxious Americans" and I have to say that's been my experience as well. I'm sure the majority of US gamers are just fine and the reason they don't stand out is because they're not making asses of themselves but when I used XBL, if I ran into a truly obnoxious player and checked his gamertag - 19 times out of 20 he'd be from the US. I've had the pleasure to game with gamers from all over Europe and Canada and I don't know why but they just seem a much more pleasant lot. I think US gamers need to take a hard look at themselves and instead accepting it as a fact of online gaming they need to stand up to that type of behavior and let other gamers know that it's not acceptable. If everyone did we'd find the online community a better place. Also, use the reporting tools available to you.

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lord_of_balrogs3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

He should of played the SP first, I made sure before I went online in Gears 2 I beat the SP. The single player is there for a storyline and as a learning curve for the multiplayer. Even when I first started the online portion I was at a measly 1 kill or down to 2-4 deaths. It just takes a bit of time and pretty soon you'll be a killing machine. Now I dominate noobs with hammerburst because all people try to use the lancer which sucks in firepower compared to the hammerburst.

Unlike most people I enjoy matchmaking because it pits those of similar skill against each other which is fairer for newcomers.

LostChild3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I agree that he should have played the single player first to get use to the controls. I mean hopping straight online and not knowing what you have to do in an online game, that calls for teamwork is pretty much asking to get yelled at. Plus, he could have played single player with his friend and his freind could have told him what to do without ruining/interupting everyones else game.

I like to know what he/she was doing to get yeld at because he failed to mention that part besides being new to the game and asking question. Were you Shooting at/alerting the Witch, not helping a teammate grabbed a smoker/hunter, hogging the health packs or just running off on your own?

Edit: This is also a random incident. It is not always like that. He just happen to be in a room with someone who takes things a little to serious. But please really, don't let someone get to you or stop you from enjoying your game because of what the say. Stuff like this has been happening before online had mics. Back than people yeld at you by typing.

Dino3531d ago

people are aholes more often online for no fear of getting their head cracked open for talking smack as they surely would in person. Thats where the problem lies. some kids need their ass beat. But just like real life you wont find those people everywhere.

-EvoAnubis-3531d ago

Some people are just like that. I think it totally sucks, but that's just the way of the internet. No one knows who you are, so you can say whatever you want. Whereas in real life, you you said this kinda mess to someone's face, you'd get your ass beat.

That's why in most online games, I play with friends whenever possible. Sometimes I just go into random games, and on PSN I'd say 70% of the time I'm there with cool people. That other 30% makes me not want to touch whatever game I was playing for at least a couple of weeks; it's sad, but it's fact.

Easy solution: Play with friends.

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