If These Bugs are Wrong, I Don't Want to be Right

Some of the best design features in gaming history were unintentional. John Teti argues that, sometimes, if it's broke, don't fix it.

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FantasyStar3621d ago

If there's a bug worth exploiting in all it's glory. It's "Debug Room" in FF7 and FF8 using the Gameshark. (although would it be a Bug?)

SpoonyRedMage3621d ago

I accidentally accessed the FF8 one, can't remember how but my playstation was going berserk when it happened, it's a fun room, I cans till vaguely remember it now 10 years on(or was it more?).

There was a fun one oon one of the levels on Halo 2, it was the one before you fight the scarab on one part on the beach a lot of covenant drop down in pods, there was a weird glitch where if you drove up at a certain point it sent you flying about the actually surrounding into the sky(didn't crash or anything but you'd die), anyway it was just plain funny.

-EvoAnubis-3621d ago

Fcuk this sh!t. PLEASE fix it when it's broken! If a game is so glitchy that I can't even play it, explain to me how I'm having fun.

Trebius3621d ago

Although Fallout 3 did have its share of glitches, it in no way interfered with the overall impression and playability of the game. I have played about 50 hours and still feel like i havent even scratched the surface! I will never stop playing, at one point in the game i got pissed because I got stuck in a spot between a can and some other spot i shouldve never been able to get to...and I was unable to jump or anything it was terrible, I threw a grenade at the floor under me and BAM! Popped out of the I proceeded to stimpak myself and continued on my merry way. :)

Love fallout 3.

-EvoAnubis-3620d ago

But you know what I didn't like? I didn't like the game freezing everytime I tried to take the GOAT exam. I didn't like the game stopping everytime an indicator showed up on my PS3 (friends coming on/offline, download completed, etc.). I didn't like Dogmeant dying because he got stuck glitching into a wall. I didn't like the game locking up my entire console while randomly exploring the wasteland.

Like I said, F3 was great, but that is the absolute last time I'm paying $60 for a beta version of a game, no matter how good it is. By the time they expect me to put down money, it damn well better had work. Some of the glitches I can get past, but how the HELL does it pass QA with that PSN indicator glitch? There's no excuse for that.

SpoonyRedMage3620d ago

It's significantly less glitchy on the 360 and PC(the PC version is the best) and I think it may be because Bethesda don't care as much about PS3 owners, the core of their users are on the PC and then the 360(as they've released all their major games on the xbox since Morrowind). That's the same reason the PS3 isn't getting the DLC as well.

-EvoAnubis-3620d ago

Wrong. The reason they didn't put that on PSN is due to the poor sales of the Oblivion DLC, which really doesn't make sense since the far better deal was the new disk with that content on it given that the SINGLE piece of DLC they put out on the PS3 was (and still is) $30.

And the very idea of caring less about PS3 owners is just stupid - if they didn't care, they wouldn't've released the game on it in the first place. If they're going to do it, they need to do it right.

SpoonyRedMage3619d ago

Exactly though, Oblivion DLC didn't sell that well on PSN so they obviously don't care enough to put the Fallout DLC on there. Although I do see your point about the GOTY edition being better value.

I'm not saying they don't care, I'm just saying the PS3 is the tertiary market next to the PC and 360. It's just not their priority.

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BranWheatKillah3621d ago

Wow, didn't know about the FFVI "bug" but I'm really impressed. In fact, is it really a bug at all or something intentional?

Saladfax3620d ago

I was thinking the same thing, although it is a little too oddly specific of a bug for that. Or at least you'd think so...