The Lost and Damned Biker Bundle now available for your avatar has the latest on the new The Lost and Damned Biker Bundle that is now available for your Xbox 360 avatar

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GiantEnemyCrab3533d ago

Wow, some male avatar clothing that isn't feminine or fruity. Cool! Glad to see MS is keeping it free as well.

Jerk1203533d ago

Yeah, whats you got? Suckzone 2?

Yup, that's about it.

By the time your other crapstation games come out we'll already have better releases by better than Sony company Microsoft.

Ofcourse, let's not forget that the Suckstation 3 is also the Delaystation 3 and it wouldn't surprise me if most of its ''this year'' games ended up next year!

greatjimbo783533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Put these words in order to make a sentence that best describes you!

are a you penis

Bnet3433533d ago

These are nice. Glad to see Microsoft keeping all clothes free. I hope they start taking note how happy these keeps people. Live users deserve more free stuff.

ThatCanadianGuy3533d ago

Looks pretty cool.And i am very surprised it's free.

outlawlife3533d ago

shouldn't be surprised, microsoft said since the beginning there would be regular clothing additions for free, and so far so goo

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