1 Free Game A Day: GTA 2 and Command & Conquer Included! owner Ryan Rigney gives a warm recommendation for all gamers to check out, a new blog that posts a link to a free game every single day of the year.

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tinydancer3557d ago

Wait. GTA 2 for FREE? Is that even legal?

hombrehambre3557d ago

Command & Conquer = gigantic win. That site is awesome.

hombrehambre3557d ago

I suppose it's open domain?

Kushan3557d ago

It was released as freeware by Rockstar a few years ago. Perfectly legal. The original GTA is up there as well.

Volvobug3557d ago

I agree with Hambre. Old RTS's hold up incredibly well.

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Cajun Chicken3556d ago

Nice! I'll be checking THIS up regulary.