Hawkins Slams 'Safe Bet' Mobile Market

Launching GDC Mobile this morning, Trip Hawkins launched an attack on the mediocrity, greed and short-termism that is blighting the sector. The Digital Chocolate boss and industry veteran also called for a "bigger social dimension" to mobile gaming that would help consumers who are desperate to find new ways to expand their social network.

Hawkins said that mobile games could and should be as vital to modern social existence as SMS or email. But his speech – Making Mobile Games The Ultimate Games Platform – began with a swiping attack on those he said are holding the sector back. He was particularly scathing about IP Licence holders. "The mobile games industry can't go anywhere with the fees being charged by licence holders. They take single digits for console or handheld games, but up to 50% for mobile games. It's exploitative. It means an inferior experience ends up being offered to the consumers. It's an abuse of the customer, or the carrier and of the publisher."

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