Cult of Killzone: Review Reverence and Revile

Only the Games takes a step back and compares the review response to Killzone 2, to something of a religious cult: "Fanatical response to game reviews is less an exception than it is something of an unspoken rule; stretch the imagination just a little and the internet rabble becomes a religious mob, burning heretical reviewers at the stake. Likewise, when praise for a game is on the menu, the pious mass will just as readily bow down, douse the flames they created, and kiss a reviewer's feet."

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PrimordialSoupBase3533d ago

Stop praying to discs and hiding behind avatars... What is this heretical talk?

RKRigney3533d ago

Haha this will never get far on N4G. They'll do exactly like this article says and, upon figuring out that it's not giving KZ2 a blowjob, will shut it out or scream profanities at the author.

What an embarrassing community...

MountainMaverick3533d ago

The irony of that eh? Doesn't match their bible, it would seem.

pswi603533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

another "journalist" gets Killzowned

Killzone 2 - 9
Journalists - 0

oh, and RKRigney, the article doesn't say that, whatsoever

ZomgBox3533d ago

Killzone 2 will smite this fool with its untold power.

hombrehambre3533d ago

Case and point of this article, above.

tinydancer3533d ago

Lol, Is that Superman with Down syndrome?

Kriller3533d ago

ZomgBox, I hop you're joking.

GWAVE3533d ago

If the media wasn't a business fueled by agendas and unspoken biases, I'd agree with the author that fanboys can have an almost religious response to positive and negative reviews.

However, reality is something entirely different. Reality is that we have a video game media market that isn't consistent, it isn't fair, it isn't even, and it isn't objective. It is full of double standards, fanboyish hate, under-the-table bribes, and lunatic loyalties, and even outright buyouts of media outlets (Variety, for instance).

With that being the case, I find it perfectly normal for people to get fed up with that kind of media environment.

cyguration3533d ago

Fanboys run N4G and fanboys are as bad as fundamentalist. It's as simple as that.

I know Gamespot and Kotaku and IGN and a bunch of other bigger sites get paid to say good things about crappy games, but fanboys are just as bad for fixing metacritic scores and jacking up prices on ebay items for opposing sides.

Kriller3533d ago

Sure, there's a few cases of bias. But it's mostly a term to scream out when you don't like someone's opinion.

pswi603533d ago

and fanboys run the gaming industry. to act as if fanboys are only on n4g and Metacritic is ridiculous.

fanboys work for websites, write game reviews, make games, publish magazines, publish their own games, work at gamestop, work at sony, ms, nintendo, work at walmart, play games, buy games, sell games, etc etc etc

there are anti-fanboys who are just as bad as fanboys, and they somehow think they are better and get involved the same way, fighting on message boards, etc etc. these anti-fanboys are no better, just like this author, because they are attacking the consumers of this industry for having an opinion, yet give the press a free pass to jerk us around.

the press can have subjective opinions, but somehow us consumers aren't allowed to. yet another double standard. how ironic.

OSIRUSSS3533d ago

Man, the Hype for this game is out of control!!! I plan I buying it first day but damn Some people eat, sleep , and Sh!t this game. I blame the Beta testers.

resistance1003533d ago

What did we beta testers do?

OSIRUSSS3533d ago

You guys Hyped this thing to the Strata. But I trust you guy's opinon over some Sh!tty review site.There are just too many positve things said by Beta Testers to make me think otherwise. So I think for once the Hype may be justified.

LinuxGuru3533d ago

All they did say how good the game played.

That wasn't hype, it was speaking from experience, and the unanimous response was that it kicked major ass.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3533d ago

look if u want ppl to respect your reviews then give us respectable reviews. dont praise the hell out of it then give it a 7. its BS. they act like ppl cant tell a "i want hits" review when they see one. if no one trusts reviews anymore, edges kz2 review is just 1 example why. Its become too popular a scapegoat to say that fanboys are just riled cuz it didnt get a perfect score.

comparing them to a religious cult... oh brother weve got angry athiests on our hands ppl.

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