Race Pro demo dated

The demonstration will go online 20 February 2009 on Xbox Live!

This message reached us just as Microsoft e-mail, so definitely be trusted!

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WildArmed3533d ago

but the demo aint worth waiting for. Nothing good came out of that game =/
Forza > this for the 360.

NaiNaiNai3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

so you've already played the game, you made the game, you worked on forza 2, you drive real race cars, you do everything to label this game not worth it. T_T, i may not have played it*talking race pro not forza*, but Forza 2 is lame, this at least looks decent.

JokesOnYou3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

I loved Forza2, its definitely my favorite racing game and I can't wait for Forza3 but you can't just bash this game without playing might just surprise you.


@nai, uhm Forza2 lame, really? its a blast to play, the customization and handling, feel of the cars is each his own but seriously I can't see why any race fan would not like Forza2.

NaiNaiNai3533d ago

mainly cause im a toca motorsport fan, forzas okay but it get boring. i enjoyed toca race driver 2/3 because they took sim to another level, no need to buy parts but tuning was there along with sim racing, plus a great community while it was online.

WildArmed3533d ago

All of the above :D
/end sarcasm.

Oh and one thing called Metacritic

NaiNaiNai3533d ago

yea i saw a 80 in there, kinda funny how theres a 80 and then a 45, sounds like some of those sites Are BS, since most of those sites are not even main stream so i know they don't have demo access. they are just BS

WildArmed3533d ago

I believe they are given a review code. They are not legally allowed to review the game unless they received one.
(which im assuming they did)

NaiNaiNai3532d ago

legally allowed to review. WTF is this, there is no law stating that. if so then alot of these online reviews are total BS because some of them are never heard of but get some pretty big titles early.

WildArmed3531d ago

lol.. this ONLY applies when a game is Reviewed BEFORE the game is actually released >_>

Not after its available to the public.

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