Looking at gaming in 2009

Last year was a monumental period for the video game industry. With record-breaking sales from "Grand Theft Auto 4," an all but dry summer with "MGS4's" release, and an incredible holiday season, 2008 has become the year to beat. While it's only February, there has been a lot of speculation with regard to the big games of '09, and we'll take a look at what each of the platform giants has up their sleeve.

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swiftshot933533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

then YES. But Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain may also be able to do it alone. But its a guarantee that if GOW3 or team ico game come out, then 2009 will be the best year of gaming in the current gen life cycle.<<<<<< <<<<<<<FAC T

Gambit073533d ago

I doubt GOW3 will make it out this year, in fact I think team ICO's game has a better chance to make it out this year. Also, agreed that U2 & HR will be stellar.

GiantEnemyCrab3533d ago

Oh yeah! 09 is going to trump 08. Besides the great exclusives for the systems there are things like Prototype, Batman Arkum Asylum, X-Men Origins, CoD:MW2, Ghostbusters, etc.

swiftshot933533d ago

OMG @ COD:MW2! This year will be KICKASS! btw GEC havent seen you on psn lately where ya been???

II Necroplasm II3533d ago

it's unreal how many great games are coming this year.

NaiNaiNai3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

everyone knows how i just bought a ps3. T_T damn thing already broke. so im taking it back tomarrow to get another one. WTF my 360 lasts over a year with the RRoD issue, my ps3 dies in 4 days. just awesome.

nvm i put it in the box getting ready to put it away till i could take it back, and went what the heck took it out plugged it back in *this is 30 minutes after wards* and it works fine again. T_T anyone else ever have this issue?

well its doing it again, my front panel for power off and eject are not working, well they worked when i started it up, now they stoped again. i dont get it. ill just take it back, i already backed all my stuff up to flash drive so it should save me time later.

AHA i got it, stupid POS dvd, the dvd i tried to watch F-d it up. the sytem couldn't read it and i guess it didn't think there was one in, i tried restarting pushed the button and it worked just fine, just put MGS4 in started up went back to XMB and ejected. so im good now. nvm the crisis has been solved.

Gambit073533d ago

What was the system doing exactly?

frayer3533d ago

haha. Face palm. :P

Never had that problem. How'd you know it was broken? And what games
you got or are getting?

LarVanian3533d ago

How exactly did it break?
The only problem with my PS3 is that every once in while the internet browser would freeze if I open to many windows. To be honest I'm sure if this is a problem with my PS3 or internet connection.

LarVanian3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Xbox 360- Halo Wars, Halo ODST, Halo chronicles and................Halo kart?

PS3- Killzone 2, inFamous, Heavy Rain, MAG, The Agency, DC Universe, Yakuza 3, Quantum Theory, Ratchet and Clank future 2, Uncharted 2, possibly God of War 3 and a few other unannounced games.

NaiNaiNai3533d ago

if your gona play the unnanounced games and non-release date games, the 360 has about 30 exclusives, and about 20 or so of those are worth playing. the other 10 are games we know just the name.

LarVanian3533d ago

Are you talking about the 360 exclusives that are also on PC?

NaiNaiNai3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

this again, so with the argument you saying,that Final fantasy 7 if remade will go to the 360 because its not a sony exclusive because it was alos made on PC. kk gotcha, can't wait when they announce that FF 7 on ps3 and 360 gona be awesome.

its the same thing here, according to the SDF, who states "360 games are not exclusives because there on PC also, so ill buy the PC version" even though you wouldn't even buy that. some of you are just a waste of space. all the SDF does is spin cycle over and over, you know, your colors are going to fade if you keep that up XD

LarVanian3533d ago

Lol feel the anger guys.
I only asked you if you were referring to the so called 360 exclusives that are also on PC, there was no need to take a schizo and rip your hair out.

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OmarJA3533d ago

All i see in 2009 is the PS3...

Jerk1203533d ago

It's only almost been 3 months, jackass.

Look at them chanting for glory, I'm going to laugh so hard when they get stomped.

Then you'll see them going on about how 2010 will be ''TEH YR OF DA PS3!''.

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