Is It Too Late to Save the PS3?


Before I get death threats from lovers of the black box, let me tell you that I don't wish for death upon the PS3. In fact, I want the PS3 to thrive, primarily for two reasons. 1) I have a PS3 and would hate to have spent $400 on a console that is no longer supported. 2) The gaming industry needs competition to keep companies in check. Without Sony, that leaves Microsoft and Nintendo, and since they are both so different, they could run a muck of the industry.

However, sometimes you have to put your personal feelings aside and look at the facts. And from what the facts are telling us, the PS3's future is looking pretty bleak.

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Masta_fro3534d ago

i guess pointless anti-sony articles come in two's...

seriously its like they wait for someone else to do it to publish their own article.

Or does microsoft call a few people and says "you know, we could really use some anti sony articles today so go ahead and make up sh!t"

I dare any real microsoft fanboy to challenge me on who finds more anti sony articles vs anti microsoft articles.

Masta_fro3534d ago

the only thing that needs saving is this website.

Chris3993534d ago

"Can the gaming media be saved?"

From sensationalist as*holes, armchair-experts and unqualified, uneducated bloggers posing as journalists?

That's the question burning on my mind.

GWAVE3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

LOL is all I have to say.

First two years of the 360's life: 13 million sold.

First two years of the PS3's life: 21 million sold.

Yet, the PS3 needs saving...

EDIT @ Kevincox

As another poster pointed out, my numbers were off but the point stands. Ooooh. I made a mistake and posted incorrect numbers. I'm SUCH a big fanboy! Try refuting my argument next time, mmmkay?

Funny thing is, I could care less about sales. It doesn't affect me. I brought up sales to prove a point that if the PS3 needs saving, what does that say about the 360?

El_Colombiano3534d ago

There is no way the PS3 can be dominating the competition like that! Really? 13 Million to 21 Million?!

Foxgod3534d ago

So basically third year of 360 15 million sold ?
Ps3 third year sales wil be ??????, as it stands right now it probably aint gonna reach the 15 M.

iHEARTboobs3534d ago

*checks to see who approved this*

Haha, now i get it.

kevoncox3534d ago

Sony fanboy on this site. Why throw out bogus numbers like 13 million in 2 years for 360? I believe it was at 17.7 million in 2 years.
If you are going to use 13 million, that means the 360 sold 15 million this year. That would make things look pretty bad for your beloved PS3 as it was out sold 2:1 in 2008. That didn't happen because you decided to short the 360 4.7 million consoles.

The ps3 doesn't need saving, it will pass the 360 in sales when MS is about to launch the next XBox. So yes Sony will come in 2nd this gen, but only you and your friends will care.

I have a PS3 but your blind love for it is g**.

TOSgamer3534d ago

Actually its:

First two years of the 360's life: 17.7 million sold.

First two years of the PS3's life: 21.3 million sold.

But the point is just the same. All these PS3 is dying articles are retarded. PS3 is on pace to sell 50+ million units in its first 5 years. That's more then the original Xbox and Gamecube combined. It might not be number one this gen but they certainly aren't going to stop supporting it.

CrazzyMan3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Come on.

Does it bring anything USEFUL to a GAMER???

El_Colombiano3534d ago

WHOA wait a second Kevy boy! So its up to Microsoft to decide when the next generation of consoles officially start and this generation is considered obsolete? All you're doing is trying to prepare yourself for when Microsoft decides to bail on this Xbox once the PS3 begins the domination as they did the last one! Pathetic!

kevoncox3534d ago

No Colobo -
It's not up to MS to decide when the next gen starts. Who ever releases a next gen console starts the next gen. I don't care if it takes Sony 7 years to beat MS to second place, I will be too busy playing my new Wii or 360( depending on who has the games). The bottom line is Sony doesn't need saving, it is entrenched in 3rd place for a long time and that is embarassing enough to the heads at Sony that they may put out a machine more akin to what people want
Price, features, easy to develop and games!

CrazzyMan3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

During last gen, by the time of release of xbox and GC, PS2 was AHEAD by 25 mln., while x360 just had around 6-7 mln. advantage over ps3.

And PS2 was selling each year around << 20 mln. >> consoles, neither PS3 or x360 doing this today.

Do you see the DIFFERENCE between last gen and this gen???
There is NO need in saving for any console this gen. Every console has it`s market share, has it`s steady growing userbase, everyone should be happy. =)

Aclay3534d ago

Articles like this are just ridiculous. How exactly does the PS3 needs "saving"? There's an awesome lineup of Exclusives in the PS3's future, and even though the PS3's sales decreased in Jan. 2009 compared to Jan. 2008, that was really expected (to me at least) because the PS3 is still $399 a year later.

The PS3 has sold MORE consoles at a higher price in a smaller time frame than the 360 did with a with a cheaper price, now that doesn't sound like a console that needs saving in my opinion. The only thing the PS3 needs is a price cut, THAT'S IT.

And judging from past articles from that site, they are overly-obsessed about the PS3 and whether or not Sony will "kill it" and a bunch of other non-sense.

I've gotten to the point where I have stopped reading these ridiculous "PS3 is doomed" articles and I've stopped commenting on such stories as this on N4G, and I recommend that others that prefer the PS3 do the same, because the PS3 isn't going anywhere.

Kaneda3534d ago

I miss the good ol' day when writer or reporter did some research before they write an article and actually report facts. Now gaming sites write articles either being pay for by the company or their fanboy opinion...

Blitzed3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

wrong spot

XxZxX3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

ahahahah wrong console dude. They are not the one with RROD.
See the letter 'D' there, yes it means Death.

also I see, alot of people is having mental trouble since they can't play Killzone 2 and killzone 2 launch is creeping closer. Maybe read this article will cure their insomnia

Marceles3534d ago

sigh...just the thing to wake up N4G, the daily "PS3 IS TEH DOOOOOOMEEED" article

DrJones3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

They don't deserve getting hits.
It seems very clear to me that this is completely and solely, sensationalistic billboard writing, produced only to spur controversy and gather attention to the writer. Nothing more. I don't think anyone should grant him the honor of succeeding with this, but i guess that's already too late now.

Pixel_Addict3534d ago

I really don't know how articles like this get approved. The article in question offers no new insight or contructive opinion. It just rants on about the same 'PS3 is doomed' rhetoric. When Mario comes out with a XXX video game with interactive controls THAT WILL BE NEWS.

For shame N4G... for shame.

MAiKU3533d ago


WE get it, you don't have faith, well alrighty then.


prunchess3533d ago

I must have gone at least two weeks without seeing a 'Save the PS3' article! That has to be a record!

Sure it was only a matter of time......

nycredude3533d ago

You of all people shouldn't be calling anyone a fanboy when you clearly are one yourself. I don't know how you can justifying how MS or Wii for that matter is going to drop their console support before it is even matured and make you buy another crappy rushed console with hardware problems! And then you have the nerve to call someone G*y? Seems to me you are the one who likes to get reamed by one MS, hence your nick *cox, unless of course that is your real name.

acedoh3533d ago

Just wow...

I don't understand why we don't see articles about the 360 like this.

Think about it this way. The 360 has a price point at $199... Now is the 360 selling at the same rate of the PS2 when it was that point??? I really doubt it. That would be a concern if I were running Microsoft. I don't even think their numbers are even close to the PS2. So once again why is this not a story. It really just shows ignorance when these supposed writers use PS3 declining numbers as a concern despite it being the highest price point. SONY has shown that they are going to put their money behind the Playstation brand since that is their most profitable division...

IdleLeeSiuLung3533d ago

I don't know why people complain about journalism and etc... this is obviously a blog. Any idiot can have a blog and any idiot can (emphasis on can) have an opinion.

Bottom line is, MS won a lot this generation with brand name recognition disassociated from a somewhat failed Xbox (the first and original ugly ass black box). Sony has certainly lost it's first place and even if it came in second is a far cry from Playstation 1 or 2's dominance. It doesn't need saving, since it has decent sale but will at best be second if that. It will be remembered as the overpriced console by consumers (more so than any other console due to it's drastic turn of events after it's dominance) and be the Playstations line black sheep.

A failure it is not, as it is shown quite resiliency in the market despite the cost obstacle and the number of Sony fanboys on this site shows it support.

That is my opinion, not much research done.... There, I just wrote an article for a blog. Happy?

cjflora3533d ago

Apparently coming up with content to write about in the gaming media is bleak. When you have to make up flame bait stories to get hits, it doesn't say much for your ability to bring in people with legit stories. How about putting some effort into actually bringing us REAL stories instead of joining the ranks of websites who feel they need to get hits this way.

thats_just_prime3533d ago

I think the question is not if the ps3 can be saved but if sony can saved. Of course the 2 kind of go hand and hand. Sony bet everything they had pretty much on the ps3. Their arrogances is leading them to cause the company to fail. Putting Blu ray in the ps3 was a huge mistake. Blu ray wasnt ready and caused the system to be delayed for over a year. With out blu ray they could of beat the 360 out and problaby been released at a 399 price point not 599. If it had of been release a year earlier at a 399 price point they probably be ahead of even the wii right now. 3rd party exclusive would of stayed with sony. Sony be posting profits right now not posting a 1.65 billion dollar lose. If sony has another year like that it could be all over for them.

Packing in a Blu ray movie or 2 might help but they also need to pack in a dvd that explians to people what blu ray is and why they should be paying more for blu ray movies. The average joe doesnt really know what blu ray is.

They need to hype up there games more. GoW2 out sold sony whole holiday line up by its self. You know I havent seen a single Tv ad for KZ2 (noted I dont watch much tv)

Danja3533d ago

PPl im stating from now be prepared to be bombarded with KZ2 is the biggest flop in gaming history when it gets released and doesn't sell 2 million day one...

the PS3 doesn't needs to be saved , are these ppl stuck in early 2007 ??

so they had a decrease of year over sales...the 360 had a decrease last year January compared to 2007 ...I didn't see any articles of the sort....

and yet when PS3 owners say the media is biased ppl are quick to call them out....

BkaY3533d ago

"well no "ps3 doomed" article from now on"...... and there we have it ...

i was wrong .... silly me...

aaron58293533d ago

But man... enough is enough !!

I'm sick and tired of "t3h p$3 is teh doommeed" articles !!

FF7numbaone3533d ago

i'm sorry we have come too far to be forced to upgrade our consoles every 4 years. If I wanted to do that I could be a pc card. this to v 1.14.

pain777pas3533d ago

Enough enough enough!!!!!!!!!!!

KnowitAll3533d ago

Mark P. has his lil blog and in order to generate hits makes up articles (in some cases old ideas) to try to have more poppularity for his run down site.

Everyone stop going in, stop replying, stop posting, and stop clicking his link.

to 1.26

" - Wow
Just wow...

I don't understand why we don't see articles about the 360 like this."

Cause this site has more ps3 owners. He did make a nintendo title/article
"Microsoft and Sony Dragging Down Industry Growth, According to Nintendo"
But instead of complaining on this misleading title by using a misleading quote. People agreed with him(Layed down their hatred on nintendo) even when I pointed him out. Some even made up excuses to back him up.

cherrypie3533d ago

It's not just this article saying this.

PS3 sales have been in a free-fall. Games are being cancelled. Major industry-watchers are slashing anticipated sales rates.

Only on N4G is this considered "controversial". Every honest, sober observer already knows: the PS3 *has* failed.

iHEARTboobs3533d ago

everyone here knows you're a tool.

The PS3 was supposed to fail last year and the year before that. But guess who's still around?

NickIni3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Dear Article,

(Warning, Large image)

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on this.

Oh, and by the way. Sony make more than the PS3.

SL1M DADDY3533d ago

Yet another misinformed Xbox fanboy I presume? Imagine that...

godofthunder103533d ago

I have a 360 and i love it.I hate sony and the ps3 and i never will buy one but i think this article is wrong.The ps3 will survive.The problem is that every one is use to the ps dominating and it's not anymore and it never will again.To say that it's over for the ps3 is just silly to me.Every body mind thinks different.The way the economy is and the billions the ps3 cost sony and the sell of the 360 doing better then the ps3 isn't good but i think that it will be ok.I read a lot of article on this site that said the same think about the 360 and every ps3 fanboys agreed and that's bias.They claimed because it's a regular xbox and not powerful enough to make it and i disagree with them and that article to,h*ll the 360 is doing better then the ps3 right now and that's a fact and i don't care how ps3 fanboys spin it it's a fact and they can't change that no matter how hard they spin it and try to deny it.They had 1 ps3 fanboy that claim that the ps3 made more money for sony then the 360 did for microsoft and it's not even close.if it wasn't for the ps2 we wouldn't have a ps3 today.Like i said above the ps3 is haveing problem and every ps3 fanboy disaree.Ps3 fanboy will never say anything negative about the ps3 because they worship it like a god and it's pittiful.I still think that the ps3 will survive but it might come in 3rd place.The ps3 need to win this year if they want to come in 2nd this gen,if they don't they will end up in 3rd place.

They still have ps3 fanboys crying and saying this site hates the ps3 and every other site to that has a negative article about the ps3.They all need to stop crying every time they have a negative ps3 articles because they sound like a broken record and it's pathetic.For exsample,X-play gave KZ2 a perfect 5 out of 5,a ps3 fanboy sent him a nasty emailed.The ps3 fanboy claimed that the guy hates the ps3 and microsoft is paying him.Now remember this guy gave kz2 a perfect 5 out of 5 and ps3 fanboys are still saying he hates the ps3 and microsoft is paying him.Ps3 fanboys want every game fan,programer,article,and people that give game rateing to say that the ps3 and every game on it is perfect.They also think that a perfect score isn't good enough.They think that if people don't jump up and down and worship every thing about the ps3 they are bias.The think that pi**es me off to is when they claim that people are just saying they don't like the ps3 because they are to poor to buy 1 so they have to buy a 360. They think the ps3 is perfect but just like ever thing else it's far from perfect.Ps fanboys claim that this site loves the 360 and hate the ps3 every time they have an negative article about the ps3.Not long ago this same site was trashing the 360 because of the rrod and other problems with it but the ps3 fanboys wasn't crying then they were agreeing with this same site.

Ps3 fanboys need to remember that just because they love the ps3 and think it's god and the 360 sux isn't a fact,it's only their opponion.They have the same amount of 360 fanboys that love the 360 and think it's better then the ps3 but it's not a fact it's just their opponion.Just because people love the ps3 that doesn't mean every one does,it also doesn't mean that people are poor because they bought the 360 instead of the ps3.I bought 2 360s at launch and i'll admitt that i had to send 1 back.Just a few weeks ago i bought a 360 elite for my room and it was the same price of the ps3 but i didn't buy it.The reason i didn't buy the ps3 is the same reason ps3 fans don't buy the 360.I like the 360 and i like more games on the 360 then the ps3.

ps3 fanboys need to stop crying and saying that microsoft try to steals all of the ps3 exclusives.They claim that microsoft stole ninja gaiden and tryed to steal mgs4.They also claim that sony is the only ones that think up their own games.The fact is that sony stole ninja gaiden,mgs searies and other ps big exclusives from nintendo and that's a fact.

The ps3 and 360 are both good systems and they both will be around for a long time.They both have negative and positive things about them.They both also have good and bad games on them.To say that one of them sux is just childish,bias,stupid and pathetic.Ps3 and 360 fanboys might as well face the facts,neither one is going anywhere so they better get use to it.

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panasonic233534d ago

The ps3 don't need saving God War 3 look awesome and their plenty of games for the system no system this gen need saving for god sake n4g should ban flame bait articles.

GiantEnemyLobster3534d ago

The PSbabies can't handle the truth that the PS3 is pretty much dead LOL. God thats too funny.

3534d ago
3534d ago
3534d ago
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Magic_The_Celt3534d ago

Wow, yeah me too

i agree

+Bubbles for you

Magic_The_Celt3534d ago

^ LMFAO!??!?


I just laughed so hard at all the GiantEnemy....

@ Original, GiantEnemyCrab - did you do this?

Sibs3534d ago

Whoa, that's a lot of giant enemies you got there lobster.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3534d ago

xBox 360 is DEAD...

See anyone can talk CR*P on the internet!!! ;-D

Hmm...Well the xBox 360 is coming to a end...soon...not sure when...but soon...

+ Something FISHY is going on, on!!! ;-D

HolyOrangeCows3534d ago

...yep, that's as good as dead. lol.

GiantEnemyCrab3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Whoa! Attack of the Giant sea animals!

Get your own shtick! ;)

Magic: Nope. Only 1 account here.

olivia3534d ago

one comment lol at this lmao

user39158003534d ago

Soby boys are alwayz making excuses, but the facts are the same bbq grill needs saving and watch how one of you [email protected] states false statement against 360. Why? Because you are [email protected]

Chubear3533d ago

Sure but if this was from Hiphopgamer show you all would be up in arms about how his show is flambaiting but all these gaming sites do it regular and no one really bats and eyelid and gets on them but HHGS does something similar and it's "oh noes he want's teh hits" when we all know N4G is riddled with flamebait head lines constantly.

Chubear3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

This is PURE flamebait (with picture and all) not even a controversial hook line but I dont'see all the comments spewing personal attacks at the heads of this gameing site though. Gee, I wonder why. :/

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Liquid Snake3534d ago

This crap needs to stop ASAP. The PS3 and Xbox dont need saving. Whoever submitted this should be ashamed of themselves.

PS3 - Has sold 21.3 million as of December 31 2008
Xbox 360 - Has sold 27.93 million as of Jan 14 2009

6.63M Diffrence. No one needs saving.

Can't we all just be gamers and not haters? FFS

N4PS3G3534d ago

neither of those numbers are correct ...those are expected and shipped numbers

3534d ago
power of Green 3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Your numbers are way off the gap is way bigger lol.


Next week the 360's lead will be 5 million regardless of the 360 beating PS3 every month lol.


PS3 is losing by around 9 million lol.

Foxgod3534d ago

They are still wrong, it was 8 million difference in december, MS outsold sony in both December and Januari, and all of a suddent its 6.63 M difference ?

Panthers3534d ago

You guys need to get over sales. It must give you a chubby or something. Who cares? Neither console needs saving.

Liquid Snake3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

instead of being gobsmacked go and do the research

Here i will do the legwork for you.

And before you attack BOTH MS's sales and Sonys are predicted sales.

003534d ago

use Wikipedia if were you.

N4PS3G3534d ago

Shipped Oct-Dec
PS2: 2.52m
PSP: 5.08m
PS3: 4.46m
Wii: 10.42m
NDS: 11.89m
360: 6.0m

Shipped 2008
PS2: 8.88m
PSP: 15.39m
PS3: 10.77m
Wii: 24.84m
NDS: 31.43m
360: 10.8m

Shipped LTD
PS2: 138.15m 36Q 3.83mpq
PSP: 51.26m 17Q 3.01mpq
PS3: 21.35m 9Q 2.37mpq
Wii: 44.97m 9Q 4.99mpq
NDS: 96.22m 17Q 5.66mpq
360: 28.45m 13Q 2.18mpq

Shipped from their warehouse/Sold to retail.

Liquid Snake3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

by the way guys i dont hate the Xbox (in fact i kind of want one), i am just sick of seeing negative stories all the time. Stuff like this isnt news. Its FUD spreading.

I will ask the question again. Are we gamers or haters?

3534d ago
INehalemEXI3534d ago

Hardware is kind of like you know ....what Sony does and has done for years. They established a foothold a couple generations ago in the market and they will never quit manufacturing consoles now unless the world ends mmmkay.

Blitzed3534d ago Show
mint royale3533d ago

excellent work to get those numbers. Your only mistake is the psp figure which I believe sony recently confirmed at 49.6 million shipped until the end of 08. Bubbles.

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