Edge: Can Gamers Stop Worrying About Red Ring?

Along with all of the commercial and critical software hits of the Xbox 360, Xbox Live's innovations in online, and Microsoft's successes against more established videogame hardware makers, the ugly blemish staining those accomplishments will be the defect known as the "Red Ring of Death."

Greenberg claims such problems are a thing of the past. "We're seeing great performance of the current systems, so we're really happy with the way they've been performing. ... From friends that have had repairs done as of late, I can tell you from our own internal staff that we're seeing very strong performance from a quality standpoint.

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Zeus Lee3557d ago

Never,faulty hardware=cause for concern.

Blaze9293557d ago

the problem isnt even all that serious anymore; its silly fanboys that wont let it die. I for one never got the RROD on neither of the two 360s that I own.

HOWEVER, this E 74 stuff is becoming very interesting.

thetruthinator3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

Don't try to pretend that it doesn't happen Blaze... I'm on 360 #6. Ive just always been "lucky" with mine... thank god the replacements were free.

Even though my 360 has broken several times... I have still yet to see anything from the "superior" PS3 that is actually superior at all... it came out a year later and had a price tag that was several hundred dollars more. It should have blown 360 out of the water.

Bubbles for ZeusLee for the awesome name/pic combo

StayHigh3557d ago

All 360 owners should know its not IF your 360 will crap out ..Its when it going to happen..

screw Microsoft and their defective system..I hope million of more of their console break so 360 fanboys will take it more serious and not let Microsoft get away with this..It amazes me how so many 360 fanboys is holding on to Microsoft balls..

IdleLeeSiuLung3557d ago

My guess is the majority of people on multiple 360's on repair were the early models. I for one have two Falcons. One op whom have lasted more than 1.5 years of extremely heavy use with no problems what so ever.

In fact I had less problems with it then my PS3 that has crashed on me numerous times. However, both my 360's are freaken loud as hell. Why can't MS put in quality silent fans....

Sibs3557d ago

Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

GWAVE3557d ago

RRoD isn't the only hardware error, ya know. ;)

no-spin3557d ago

KZ 2= fail
360 RROD= not to worry about

Next month EDGE
Forza looks better than GT
MGS4 could have looked better on 360
GoW is crap
Uncharted 2 is going to 360
Stay tuned!!!!
the crap just keeps coming

gaffyh3557d ago

I don't think so, RROD was a major issue, and a lot of the 360's on shelves still have a pretty high failure rate. So when I recommend someone a 360 I always tell them to be prepared if it fails.

Also I definitely think that this RROD fiasco will have far-reaching consequences for MS e.g. when they release their next Xbox people won't buy immediately cos of all the problems with Xbox 360.

XxZxX3557d ago

nice try edge, nice try but FAILED

Venomish3557d ago

stop worrying about rrod ?? lol
4 out of 6 of my friends who has xbox got RROD

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Sasanova3557d ago

out of all people, u see edge defending the RROD lol...hmm more kz2 reviews plz

joydestroy3557d ago

hahahaha what a coincidence huh.

thetruthinator3557d ago

That horse was already beaten to death 2 weeks ago.


StayHigh3557d ago

Edge is probably run by a lot of Microsoft fanboys..There a lot of thousands of people who suffer from RROD. Even the Elite and 360 with the jasper chip cant get away from from it...

IdleLeeSiuLung3557d ago

Well, if they were MS fanboys it would completely explain the Mass Effect review of 7/10 and Halo Wars at 7/10 as well. /sarcams

People really want to attribute any negativity towards their beloved godly game as fanboys... it is sad really and give it up, cause nobody but fanboys care.

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Droid Smasha3557d ago

I have a original Xenon and a Jasper. No problems here

Droid Smasha3557d ago

ps trey is teh numba won!!11!1!

randomwiz3557d ago

some people don't have it... only a little over 30% of xbox owners. Consider yourself lucky.

ape0073557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

I had red lights for 2 times

and that damn [email protected]#@ E-74.I hate e-74 so much fuc it

I had my eliet finally fixed(also I have an old premuim 360 btw)and something strange,I mean strange happend

you know what,the controllers don't sync,it didn't sync,I saw gta 4 playing behind,I want to play it but I can't ,damn(gta 4 360 is much better than ps3 version,trust me,im 100% sure,finished it on ps3,no fanboyism but the truth)I look for forums,I tried everything,it didn't work,I want to play gta 4 on 360 and buy lost and damned,my old 360 says"gta 4 region coded"


my shop says I'll get my eliet in 3 days

ape0073557d ago

google it

I don't want to remember it ):

PirateThom3557d ago

It's OK, guys, Aaron Greenberg's friends say it's cool.

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