10.0 Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned Review

GTA usual fare at a high level. Over 20 new missions, new characters, new weapons - all that makes Lost and Damned for a top add-on for a top game!

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Andrew_Ryan3535d ago

Easily the best game of February next to Street Fighter 4. For only $20 you get a 12-20 hour campaign full of new weapons, vehicles, environments, characters and radio stations.

And it's exclusive to Xbox 360.

ape0073535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

what about killzone 2 man

kz2 is the biggest game now

lost and damned looks very good btw

I will enjoy both


off topic:oh andrew rayn,one of my favorie characters,andrew is the man

"andrew rayn ask you a simple question,are you a man or slave"

bioshock rules,hope they take advantage of ps3 tech in bio 2 like kz2,I want to see a rapture that flows with ps3's true next gen specs

power of Green 3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

KZ2 is being hyped its not part of one of the greatest franchises ever with a well received expansion.

Outside media and PS3 land no one knows the name Killzone like the way they know GTA(folks are talking about GTA on the street) lol.

KZ2 is the biggest game now? lol for ps3 IT IS.

Johnny Rotten3535d ago

don't you mean the best download content of February?

Bathyj3535d ago

More reconizable, part of a known franchise, gonna sell more does NOT make it a better game. Sales is all you'se care about, no wonder you'se think Halo is the best game ever.

If anything the well know name means GTA will sell well on its name alone. Its just extra content for a game, most found too boring to even complete and if these games were on opposite systems, you'd be lining up for Killzone and saying GTwho?

frayer3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

So, you're saying that Killzone 2- a game for the PS3 is big on the PS3, and GTA DLC for the 360- a game for the 360 is big on the 360? Gotcha. People can't get any dumber than you....

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Spike473535d ago

nonetheless this will get some GTA4 xbox360 owners back to GTA4.....for some time......hopefully.