ThePlayStationShow.Com Podcast Episode 38

Welcome back to The PlayStation Show Podcast. This week EmilioZ and AustinD talk about some new additions to the staff and some ways that you can interact with Them. They also have been playing a lot of games that we've been waiting to play. AustinD and EmilioZ take a look at all of the PSN releases this week and give their opinion on what's worth checking out and whats not. Thanks for downloading and enjoy.

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hamsterfist3628d ago

People need to check this podcast is great! Full of humor and fantastic opinions.

Violater3628d ago

Their audio quality needs some serious work, the levels are all over the place. I have to constantly lower and raise my volume.
That opening dude needs to stop screaming.

issa30323628d ago

to be honest...I've listen to them before and they barely buy/play any games. Half the show is them giving their opinion on the Playstation Store weekly updates. I think they haven't played any of the big PS3 games like Resistance, Little Big Planet, MGS4, etc
It's like they're too cheap to buy games LOL

My favorite Podcast is Playstation Nation wayy better than IGN's Podcast Beyond.

hamsterfist3628d ago

Hmmm.... I would agree to a point, but they do discuss more then just PSN releases. I think right now that is the only thing out there. I would say in more recent episodes they have branched out more, hell they even discuss Xbox titles. Give them a little time, I think these guys could be huge given patience and letting people know about them.