The Force Unleashed Could Have Been All Wookies

In the latest developer diary for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Brett Rector provides an inside-look into how the early stages of development for the game took place. One of these facts he shares is that there were other ideas they pitched to George Lucas, such as "a story about the early heroes of the Rebellion, a game centered on a superheroic Wookiee character, and a game featuring a gadget-wielding mercenary."

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lil bush4247d ago

sounds really good ummm but want to see some in-game footage or something

Rasputin20114247d ago

I want to get my hands on this game and I say [email protected]%k it make the other games 2(note im not a Star Wars junkie or anything)

Keyser4246d ago

and can't wait to see some footage and tes this game out. The article in Game Informer really peaked my interest. This sounds like an excellent story and a masterful use of combos and the force (which I always thought was downplayed in the movies).