TPG Takes A Closer Look At Wordsworth

TPG says, "Wordsworth made me enjoy a *GASP* word game!"

The tiles and vector art in this game are fantastic and high resolution. The drawn characters are less appealing, but that really doesn't interfere with gameplay. It is a good game to play when waiting for events to happen in your life (think bank lines, dentist office, on the bus), as it starts right up where you left off when you relaunch the app. There a local high score system, called the "Wall of Wow," but no leader boards that I could see. The two modes included are an un-timed "classic" mode and a timed mode that ends when a specific tile explodes.

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bgrundman3531d ago

There sure seem to be alot of word based games on the iPhone.

CrAppleton3531d ago

Simple addictive puzzle games.. Sounds good to me!

bgrundman3531d ago

I don't know... they are getting a bit old if you ask me.

roblef3531d ago

Word games are hard to do well. I'd say only 2 I've seen so far have done it right.

roblef3531d ago

What I'd really like to see is a good crossword game for kids.

killyourfm3531d ago

Wordsworth was pretty cool. Make sure to check out IMANGI as well.