The Angry Pixel Review: Street Fighter IV (PS3)

The Angry Pixel writes: "More than half a year after its arrival in arcades, Capcom's Street Fighter IV has finally come home to console owners (and hopefully PC ones, too). You'd think after 20 years of playing Street Fighter games, as great as they are and still till even now, that numero quarto would seem like the same song and dance all over again. We won't argue with that, but Street Fighter IV reinforces everything you've ever wanted in a fighting game, things you didn't expect to enjoy, and things that you didn't want or knew existed – all in one extremely well-executed, polished package. To put it bluntly, it's a hard dish to not to fall in love with all over again."

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perils3533d ago

was dillydally(shillyshally....... ...nevermind)ing over preordering sf4 cos i blew stackloads o money (most of which on a ticket for the sonisphere festival in knebworth.....anybody going?) this week but another good review has prompted me to say fuk it. yay for friday boo for social life