What's Wrong With HDTV?

High-Definition TV is an unqualified success with a majority of U.S. homes tuning in a high-def program every night. Right? Wrong.

More than a decade after its launch, HDTV has yet to become a household staple in the U.S., on par with such products as the microwave, cordless phone, mobile phone or even the DVD player. Estimates vary, but most studies show that the HDTV is in only about a third of U.S. homes.

Even worse, Nielsen reported last December that only 23.2 percent of U.S. households have the high-def tuners that are necessary to watch high-def programming. Although that number has climbed from roughly 13 percent from a year ago, it's remarkable that so relatively few Americans are watching High-Definition programming. If you listened to industry and cultural analysts, you would think that HDTV was everywhere.

Not everyone is watching HDTV. But with the deepening global recession, it's possible that HDTV will not reach a majority of U.S. households in the next 5-10 years, or maybe ever.

So, what's wrong with HDTV?

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fafoon3533d ago

Nothing !!

It's just they dont seem to work well with Xbox's

omodis4203533d ago

I sure love my HDTV and my Blue-Rays

Kyur4ThePain3533d ago

You don't think price might have something to do with that? Biscuit.