Destructoid: inFamous Preview

Picture this: you're a mere bike messenger in the fictional metropolis of Empire City, and you've been tasked with delivering a package. Unfortunately, the special delivery explodes in nuke-like fashion, leaving you as the only survivor in a six-block radius -- much of which now comprises a crater. You awaken a fortnight later to a post-Katrina New Orleans redux: the city has been quarantined, resulting in mass chaos, and in the power vacuum that follows (most of the cops have been killed), local gangs battle for control of the city. Oh, and by the way, you have electricity-based super powers.

Thus begins inFamous, the upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive, third-person, open-world action title from Sucker Punch, (in)famous for their Sly Cooper games on the PlayStation 2. As Cole McGrath, the aforementioned bike messenger, you struggle to come to grips with your newfound abilities, and you head off into the now-lawless Empire City in an effort to figure out what exactly happened, and why you've been turned into a human analog of Zeus.

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Beast_Master3533d ago

This is now my most anticipated game of 09!

Pennywise3533d ago

Been on my radar, but this game is really turning out to be hot!

I usually rent single player games, but I think I will be buying this one.

ActionBastard3533d ago

I'm sold on it. From IGN's first hands-on preview to now, this game is definitely on my "buy" list. Sony is showing everyone why 1st party games are important.

3533d ago
games4fun3533d ago

while i was watching this i decided i have to buy this game now, cover system, actual boss battles, great climbing mechanic and jumping system. And not to mention the graphics look great along with an awesome atmosphere.

Prototype is going to be great too, but its on the backburner right now. I'll end up getting both eventually but this game is day one.

games4fun3533d ago

i think that gta is going to get dethroned, sooner or later a developer is going to make an exclusive ps3 open world game that will put it to shame and everyone who owns a ps3 will start buying that series instead.

lokiroo4203533d ago

Is it too early to call check mate on the 360? nah, game set match.