WoW will die... someday

While gaming industry analyst Michael Cai thinks people should stop looking for a WoW killer, the truth is that World of Warcraft will eventually die, and we may start seeing the beginning of it in the next round of big MMO titles.

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HyDRo-X13530d ago

I hate PC games! but WoW will never die! Look at Warhammer, that didn't even touch the community of WoW. Anyhow when it dies it will be because the internet was infected with a world wide virus that wipes out every computers hard drive completely that is connected to the internet... good buy WoW... Year 2072... The government is thinking about this already; the internet is getting cluttered with junk and this will be there solution...

Mutley4163530d ago

Yah...umm No...WOW or some sort of WOW will always be around-11.5 million Times 15$= WOW FOR A LONG TIME TO COME!!!
just got done Questing myself-

Trebius3530d ago

All gamers on it are level capped, and there's nothing else to do but delete.

Thats the ONLY way WoW will die...

TheForgotten0ne3530d ago

Of course it will die

Blizzard will make a new MMO, they have hinted at it. But there are some things holding them back
- WoW is giving them to much money
- Activision will never let them give up that much money
- It will take to much time making a new MMO. They have used almost 10 years at working with WoW.

But, after 10 years the developers is tired of working with the game. They are making the same over and over again.

So one day Blizzard will stop with WoW and start on something new.

Maccas3530d ago

Just recently it was announced Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan the lead designer for World Design from wow was moving to a new team to work on a new unnanounced MMO.

So they have already begun the process.
Wotlk has been a complete failure so far in my opinion i hope the new content patch ulduar is a little more difficult.

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