Does Anybody Really Care About The PlayStation 4 Right Now?

PSXextreme: You have to understand the question: I don't mean we won't have any interest in the next PlayStation; I'm simply wondering why anyone should even mention the PS4 at this point in the current generation's lifespan.

First of all, Sony has never wavered in their 10-year-span stance for the PS3. Now, the 10 years could include the inclusion of a new PlayStation console along with the continuance of the PS3, as they point towards the PS2's long-running lifespan (currently 2000 - 2009). This means we could feasibly see the PS4 in 2012 or something (6 years after the PS3's launch).

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Zeus Lee3530d ago

Nope,Ps3 will suit me just fine for the next 6 Years.

Trollimite3530d ago

and that is why "we all" fail

Ghoul3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

"1.1 - no we dont care about the future
and that is why "we all" fail "

so if you dont have anything to say then you post semi intellectual crap ?

Stay on topic.

i certainly dont care about the ps4 xbox3 or the next wii
but i DO care about the psp2 :D

xwabbit3530d ago

I dk what to answer, I'm scared fan boys will rape my bubbles even more so i say .. i don't care

joydestroy3530d ago

i care about it as i'll be specifically programming for it when i get out of college.

no-spin3530d ago

not enough to take my attention away from the PS3 beast

3530d ago
ChampIDC3530d ago

Since current consoles are still just fine, I don't think there's any reason to worry about future consoles yet.

SprSynJn3530d ago

You are a wise man. I have only had my Playstation 3 for a little over a year. With all the fun I am having with it, and how much I paid for it, I hope the 10 year life span does hold. I look forward to seeing what Sony brings out during that time.

WildArmed3530d ago

exactly. I didnt care for the ps3 till it was released. The ps2 kept me more than satisfied. Same goes for the Psx to ps2.

I dont care for the ps4 atm. The PS3 is where Sony gaming is at.

Along the same lines, i dont care about xbox 720, coz i am having a blast with 360.

robert02673529d ago

no Trollimite you don't get it ps3 is the future that's why we don't care about the ps4.

prunchess3529d ago

Still haven't wrung everything out of the PS3 I own yet!

cherrypie3529d ago

Do you still play your PS2?

The PS4 will be released in less than 6 years.

Are you people kidding? Next-gen is due about 2011-2012.

All this "10 years blah blah blah" was an *excuse* -- a LIE -- that Sony told the marketplace to make-up for shipping last after missing delivery. Are you people _that_ gullible?

WildArmed3529d ago

no, its not a lie. You misunderstood.

10 year is the LIFE CYCLE.
Thats the minimum dat they plan on supporting it.
It doesnt mean that they wont release ps4 till then >_>

SL1M DADDY3529d ago

gets higher as the date of release gets closer. At this time there have been no official announcements so the level at which I care about the PS4 is zero. Live in the now folks!

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Megaton3530d ago

Only the media outlets who keep insisting the PS3 is dead every month.

iHEARTboobs3530d ago

Damn thing is like a cat with nine lives..

XxZxX3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

2006, totally going to die at birth.
2007, it's going to die.
2008, it's really really going to die.
2009, it's dead well almost. going to.
2010, almost there, almost there
2011, yeah just wait another year.
2012, ok PS4 launch, they are dead finally. See I told you so.

Nineball21123530d ago

"The economy sucks right now, Sony wants to continue to establish the PS3, and the defining software has only just recently begun to arrive."

The PS3 is just now in the early part of it's cycle. It is going to have long legs, just like the PS2.

Mr PS33530d ago

Cause theres plenty of life left in the PS3

GiantEnemyLobster3530d ago

So why in the hell would someone care about the PS4?!

dukadork33530d ago

"Nobody cares about the Playstation 3"

says the douche constantly trolling PS3 threads, lol

i guess when you only have yet another halo crap to play, you got plenty of time to express your jealousy

10 more days until killzone 2

----> TinyHarmlessPlankton XDDDD

cryymoar3530d ago

xbots can ignore 21 million PS3 owners.

Theory Of Suckboxism3530d ago

GiantEnemyLobster is right,nobody cares about the PS3,that is why we spend all our time trolling SONY and PS3 news articles :)

Traveler3530d ago

Yes, he cares so little about the PS3 that he spends significant amounts of time trolling PS3 news stories. Sure, makes sense to me.

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Fishy Fingers3530d ago

Not really, I think the PS3 has a few years of progression left in it yet, at least. But personally, as soon as the advancements start to plato I'm happy to welcome the next gen into my home.

Being a PC gamer at heart I think my perspective of "value for money" maybe somewhat different from the console crowd. I pay similar for a GPU or CPU every 12 months or less.

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