Massively: One Shots: Over Dalaran

Dalaran, ancient floating city of the mages in World of Warcraft. While many folks hate it for being twice as laggy as Shattrath ever was (at least for them) some gamers ike seeing what interesting things they can find out about the place. Being an explorer type, that would definitely be Massively. As anyone who's spent time in Dalaran knows, you can pick up vials of Underbelly Elixir in the Dalaran sewers, and one of the effects is to turn you into a firefly. In most of Dalaran, turning yourself into a firefly is a strict-no-no; the game will pop you out of form and leave you plummeting towards the ground. However, if you get the firefly form while standing just outside the Violet Citadel, it will allow you to fly straight up so you can take a World of Warcraft screenshot like this one!

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